Lego TMNT – Completing the Summer Wave

A couple of days later, the other two teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle set pictures were unveiled. And in my opinion, comparing with the other two, revealed a couple of days ago, this is absolutely a nice surprise!! The Karai Bike Escape (79118) is the entry set, and for such a small set, it definitely brings some really nice elements that not only provide a great dose of playability, but also because they can be easily integrated in a town environment, giving it a different look from what the city elements use to bring.

This small set features two accurate mini-figures (Leonardo and Karai) with assorted weapons (a sword for the Turtle and a shotgun for Karai), a black motorcycle, a small platform with road signs and a small vendor machine and finally a blue skate that includes a sort of small ramp for the jumps. According to its size, I would say that it will retail around the eleven or twelve dollars.

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Lego TMNT Summer Sets – the first pics

Two of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sets have appeared in Bucher, a German retailer. The set box pictures are sufficiently clear, for me, to see that I’ll certainly pass these two sets. The turtles look really nice but I think that you have to be a true fan of these guys and know the entire context to really enjoy these sets.

The T-Rawket Sky Strike (79120) features two vehicles (the long one, a sort of aircraft, looks quite interesting) and four mini-figures. The Mutation Chamber Unleashed (79119), besides the chamber, that honestly didn’t excite me at all, presents two mini-figures and Spider Bytez, a man one named Vic and later named by Michael Angelo (actually this guy is one of its worst enemies.

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Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2014 – The First Pick

The first snapshot of the next wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets has been surfing in the internet. The image for now isn’t the best but it is already possible to see the four Ninja Turtles and also a couple of the news sets.

The two new sets in the picture seem to be the Mutation Chamber Unleashed (79119) and the Turtle Sub Undersea chase (79121) and show in the first case a big chamber with yellow walls and in the second a powerful machine with a huge cannon and lots of action. The mini-figures aren’t very clear but I think that is possible to see a few new guys (Bytez Spider, one of the villains of the TMNT, for instance) in action.

Have a look at the complete list:

79115 – Turtle Van Takedown

79116 – Big Rig Snow Getaway

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Lego Legends of Chima and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Set Details

Eurobricks is once again the source of some new details about what it’s coming up in the next wave of Chima and TMNT sets. Having a look at the first, there will be a sub theme, Legends of Beast, each one with one mini-figure, with a retail price around the ten dollars. Some details of new regular sets were also unveiled, being the new Braptor’s Wing striker (70128) the entry set with a retail price around the fifteen dollars.

In terms of TMNT there will be two small waves, one of them with three sets inspired in the new movie and a second with four sets based in the Nick Elodeon animated series. For now unfortunately, there are only a few details about these last four.

Have a look at all of them:

Legends of Beasts

Lego 30270 – A New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Polybag

A couple of sites have recently presented what it seems to be a new TNMT polybag which for now is still unnamed. This little set has only thirty six pieces and comes with a nice mini-figure (appears to be Kraang), four micro scale turtles built each one with only three little pieces, a small bench and a nice walker drone.

Kraang is again pretty detailed with printings all over the body and the Walker Drone besides the detailed look has also a nice flick fire missile launcher with the goal of hitting the four little heroes that are in the top of the bench, which in terms of playability looks really nice.

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