Lego Star Wars and Technic – A Few Rumors of the Second Wave

When the first round of 2018 sets isn’t even on stores, here we go for some rumors of the second wave of Star Wars and technic sets.  The set lists look pretty consistent attempting to their names and numbers.

Star Wars shows seven new sets, including the traditional advent calendar, another battle pack, a new sandcrawler and two buildable figures and Technic presents four sets that according to their names, surely promise to have a big size. Can’t wait to see the official pictures!

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Lego Technic 2018 Sets

It is time for technic! Four new sets have been unveiled and the result is four awesome vehicles where the biggest absolutely gets the major attention! The Mack Anthem, a 2×1 set, with a truck and trailer with a winch as the main building option is absolutely a must but the alternative, a garbage truck looks also pretty nice.

Almost as good as this one is the Hovercraft, with plenty of great details and a big platform to transport a truck. The sets will presumably be available on January with retail prices between the thirty five (for the First Responder) and the hundred and fifty (for the Mack).

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Lego Technic – The First 2018 Set Pics

Lego has just uploaded images of some new 2018 Technic sets, and there are definitely a few interesting options. This is particularly the case that the size matters and the racing yacht absolutely highlights from the rest.

Most of them, four to be exact, don’t reach the two hundred pieces and at least two have the traditional pull and back feature. These sets should be available in the beginning of the year, perhaps a bit earlier, with prices between the fifteen and the thirty dollars.

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The Winter Techinc Sets have been revealed

The new 2017 Technic sets have finally been revealed. Seven new sets will make part of the set list and not being the most enthusiastic fan, I must say that generically they’re definitely pretty good with an endless list of details to enjoy!

The set list includes the Ultralight Helicopter (42057), a Stunt Bike (42058), a Stunt Truck (42059), the Roadwork Crew (42060), a Container Yard (42062), the Ocean Explorer (42064) and finally the RC Tracked Car (42065). At the first glance my attention goes to the Ocean Explorer which looks simply fantastic!lego-technic-42057-42058-42059-42060-42061-42064-42065

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The BMW R 1200 R Adventure (42063) was officially presented

The new technic set, BMW R 1200 R Adventure, was officially presented by Lego showing an awesome motorcycle filled once again with awesome details, nice features to enjoy and of course some great building techniques.

This 2*1 set, the first to be produced in collaboration with BMW,  will feature six hundred and three pieces and will be available in the beginning of 2017 with a probable retail price around the seventy dollars. I’m sure that many of you can’t wait for the moment!lego-technic-42063-bmw-r-1200-gs-4

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