Lego 2019 – Continuing with Lego Movie 2, Minecraft and DC Batman

Here we go for some more, this time Lego Movie 2, Minecraft and DC Batman. Concerning Lego Movie, there is definitely a bunch of new stuff to enjoy and I’m sure that the fans will certainly identity every single detail of the movie.

Minecraft is not my concept of Lego for sure but soon five new sets will hit shelves. Finally DC Batman will present a lot of color and action with two new options which clearly are not the only ones for 2019. The sets will be available next year during the first months.

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DC Super Heroes Summer Sets

In terms of Summer Super Heroes sets, the news aren’t as much as in other themes, presenting for now only two new Batman sets: The attack of the Talons (76110) and the Brother Eye Take down (76111).

The first one features a great Bat Vehicle with nice details and four figures including a bat dog and second one, slightly bigger presents a bat aircraft, the Flying Eye with plenty of antennas and three mini-figures. Both sets will be available only next summer.

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Lego BrickHeadz – The Official Pictures of the new Infinity War Sets

The BrickHeadz fans were already aware of this news, but it’s always pleasant to see the new and official set pictures: I’m not the biggest fan of these, far away from that but there are certainly plenty of people who don’t think like me!

Four new sets, Iron Man MK50, Thanos, Star-Lord, and Gamora, will join the Marvel Super Heroes regular line and will be released next month, more or less by the same time to the movie hits the theaters.

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Lego 76100 – Royal Talon Fighter Attack

The Royal Talon Fighter Attack is a new Marvel Super Heroes set that is recently available on stores. With exactly three hundred and fifteen eight pieces, it features a black aircraft with plenty of small details and four mini-figures (Black Panther, Nakia, Ulysses Klaue and Erik Killmonger) with assorted accessories.

This new Aircraft is different from everything with all the consequent pros and cons. Right at the front it has a big cockpit with a long windshield that opens widely for a better access. Every single part of the Fighter is built with small black pieces and the interior is no exception, where it’s possible to find a seat and some handlers.

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Lego Super Heroes Avengers – The Official Pictures

Images of the new Super Heroes Avengers Infinity War sets were finally released, showing all the possible details (I love the set box images in this detail!) of the six new sets that make part of this wave. And the first impressions definitely couldn’t be better.

It’s impossible not to stop and observe all the images of the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown (76108), a modular building with around a thousand bricks but the other five look also really cool with plenty of nice features to enjoy. In terms of availability they’ll presumably be on shelves next March with prices between the twenty and hundred and twenty bucks.

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