Lego 76082 – ATM Heist Battle

The ATM Heist Battle is a new Marvel Super Heroes Set that will soon be available on stores. With a small size, only hundred and eight five pieces, it features a small building, representing a bank, three mini-figures (Spider Man and a couple of Masked Robbers) with nice accessories and a motorcycle for the escape.

It might not be considered the best option if you’re searching for cars or unusual vehicles but I definitely like this set in terms of playability. The robbers look absolutely fantastic with their printed faces and unusual weapons (the laser gun with the stud shooter looks really cool). The green motorcycle despite not being a new model is also a nice added value to the set.Lego-76082-ATM-Heist-Battle-marvel-super-heroes

The Bank is obviously the Continue reading

Lego 30449 – The Milano Polybag

A picture with a new  Marvel Super Heroes, Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 Polybag has been discovered, showing a pretty nice miniature of the bigger brother 76081 (The Milano vs. The Abilisk).

With the same color scheme (blue and orange), the polybag features sixty four pieces and most part of the shapes of the original model. How to get it? In a first round, between April 24th and 28th it will be available with the presentation a voucher (number 5) in any purchase of fifty five Euros or more.The-Milano-Polybag-super-heroes-polybag

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Lego 10917 – The Ultimate Batmobile and its Four Separate Vehciles

A couple of days ago the new Batman Movie Set, the Ultimate Batmobile was finally announced showing a highly detailed vehicle with eight mini-figures (Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Polka-Dot Man, two Flying Monkeys, Alfred Pennyworth and finally Wicked Witch of the West) and the possibility of being divided into four separate vehicles.

Gladly today, images of those four elements have been surfing on the internet showing a smaller batmobile, a batcycle, a battank and a bat wing. The splitting process is not explained but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear some more about it!Lego-10917-The-Ultimate-Batmobile

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Lego Batman the Movie – Movie Maker Set

After the extensive Lego The Batman set list as well as the bunch of new polybags, here we have a new Batman the Movie set:  The Movie Maker set. Definitely is not my Lego concept but the idea is not properly new, almost two decades ago Lego released something similar.

The main goal of the set is to make your own Batman videos with the help of some accessories and for that the box features a stand for a Smartphone, a batman mini-figure, a colored backdrop scene for the action (maybe a few more…) and one hundred and fifty two, the set Continue reading

Lego Movie Summer Sets – The First Pictures

Images of four new sets that will make part of the Summer Lego the Movie Releases have been unveiled, showing pretty well almost all the details and general look. And the first impressions are definitely very good.

This set list is composed the Scarecrow Fearful Face-off that will feature an helicopter and two mini-figures, the Bane Toxic Truck Attack that shows three figures, a 6 wheel truck and a small bat vehicle, the Two-Face Double Demolition that will bring a big excavator, a batcycle and four mini-figures and finally the biggest of all, the Batwing that will feature also three mini-figures, a six studs cannon and a small

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