Lego 75176 – Resistance Transport Pod

The Resistance Transport Pod is a new star Wars Last Jedi set that has been recently released. It seems to be smaller than the piece count suggests, showing almost three hundred pieces which are enough for the space craft and for two mini-figures (Rose and Finn) and BB8 with several accessories.

Definitely it’s not the most exciting set of this wave but it surely has some nice details and a good dose of playability. With a fat structure and no kind of wings, this pod has however a big cockpit with a large yellow windshield where two figures can be easily transported.

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Lego Star Wars – Last Jedi Set Images

Finally, the official images of the new Star Wars Last Jedi sets for Force Friday II have finally been unveiled by Lego. The sets were already now for a while but due to an embargo from Lego, the images weren’t (or at least shouldn’t…) available yet.

Gladly, it is now possible to see all the details that will make part of the set list. There are options for every wallets, the cheapest is the Elite TIE Fighter Pilot, a buildable figure that will retail around the twenty bucks and the most expensive is the First Order star destroyer, with a price of hundred and fifty

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Lego Millennium Falcon (75192) has been finally announced

The new Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series set has finally been unveiled. After so much speculation, rumors and teasing images, here we have the new Millennium Falcon, a huge masterpiece and, best of all, the biggest set that Lego has ever made.

With more than seven thousand and five hundred pieces and 7 mini-figures (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia , C-3PO , Older Han Solo, Rey and Finn), the new Millennium Falcon is absolutely an bottomless well in terms of details and features to enjoy. By the way, save some extra space (not to mention money) because the spaceship is eighty four centimeters long which if huge in terms of beauty and building experience!!Lego-Millennium-Falcon-75192-star-wars-ultimate-collector-series-9

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Lego Star Wars – Another teasing image of the next Millennium Falcon

Lego is filing ready! That’s what Facebook says about the last posted image in the official page, a few minutes ago. It seems that a traditional yellow bag won’t be enough to carry the new, and the biggest of all time, Star Wars set, the Millennium Falcon (75912). As a funny comparison, the Death Star is inside the bag and looks pretty small just aside the other.

A small cart intends to show the huge size and the heavy weight of the new box that will feature, and this is official, seven thousand, five hundred and forty one pieces, which makes it the biggest Lego set ever made. I can’t wait to see the official images!LEGO-millennium-falcon-75192-teasing-image

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Lego 75167 – Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack

The Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack is a new Star Wars entry set that has just hit retail. With only two hundred and two pieces, it shows a small but detailed Speeder Bike with plenty of weapons and four mini-figures (Dengar, IG-88, Bossk and 4-LOM) with assorted guns.

I like this speeder! With a long nose and some nice blue pieces, it presents weapons everywhere: On both sides, a flick fire missile and right aside the pilot two useful stud shooters. Pretty interesting in such a small ship! The pilot has also a decent seat with a few minor handlers at his front.Lego-75167-Bounty-Hunter-Speeder-Bike-Battle-Pack-star-wars-1

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