Speed Champions McLaren 720s – The First Pic

The first image of the new Speed Champions set, McLaren 720s (75880) has been revealed by Lego, on the Facebook page. With a predominant orange color, this new car seems to be a great replica of the original model that has also been recently presented in Geneva, on this year international motor show.

The set will probably be similar to the rest in terms of size and price, namely with around hundred and fifty pieces and a value around the fifteen dollars and will presumably be available next June.lego-75880-speed-champions-mclaren

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Lego 75881-1: 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40

Fifty years separate these two models, but the beauty and the passion are definitely the same. This new Speed Champions set, 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40, shows three hundred and sixty six pieces and definitely brings a lot to enjoy and play.

The set, as you can see through the pictures features the same car, the Ford GT40, but in different versions, nowadays model (2016) and the sixties racing version, three mini-figures (a couple of pilots for the cars and the finish line judge) with a few accessories, and a small podium with a big trophy for the winner.Lego-75881-2016-Ford-GT-1966-Ford-GT40-speed-champions-5

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Lego 75879 – Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H

The Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H is a small Speed Champions set that will be available in the next wave of Lego Releases, next summer. It has around hundred pieces, perhaps a bit more, and features a great Formula One Ferrari, with a finish line and a mini-figure, the pilot, with a couple of accessories namely a spare helmet.

I really love this Ferrari. All the usual shapes and details in a F1 are absolutely perfect and the color combination couldn’t be better. With two big ailerons on the edges, the car also presents some nice black wheels and the only point that I possibly mention is that the back tires should be slighter larger than the front ones.Lego-75879-Scuderia-Ferrari-SF16-H-speed-champions-2

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Lego Speed Champions 2017 -The First pics

New Year’s Day was particularly interesting for speed champions sets with the revelation of six new sets. This is perhaps one of the most interesting themes in terms of playability and the new sets definitely follow that trend.

The set list is composed by: the Mercedes AMG GT3 (75877), the Bugatti Chiron (75878), la Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H (75879), the  Ford GT 2016 & Ford 1966 GT40 (75881), the Ferrari FXX K & Development Center (75882) and finally as the head set, the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team (75883).lego-75883-mercedes-amg-petronas-formula-one-team-speed-champions

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Lego 75875 – Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod

The Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod is a Speed Champions set that has recently been released. This big set has six hundred and sixty four pieces and features an awesome off road F150 Raptor with a trailer, a Hot Rod racing car, racing lights, a pit with lots of tool and accessories that include a spare engine and four mini-figures (a pilot for the Hot Rod, The F-150 driver, a mechanic and the finish line guy).

Despite being a racing set, I think the off Road Ford claims all the attention. With a nice color, its special suspension, made with some technique bricks, moves easily up and down and allows it to surpass anything which is really cool in terms of fun and playability.Lego-75875-ford-speed-champions-5

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