Silent Mary (71042) was revealed

The Silent Mary has finally been officially reveled. This huge Pirates of the Caribbean’s set has two thousand and two hundred pieces and should retail next March 17th for VIP Members and April on general retail with a price around the two hundred dollars

The set features besides the pirates’ ship, eight mini-figures (Captain Jack Sparrow, Henry, Carina, Lieutenant Lesaro, Captain Salazar, Officer Magda, Officer Santos and The Silent Mary Masthead) with assorted accessories and a small boat. Note that most part of the figures are totally grey which makes them quite unusual and pretty.Lego-71042-The-Silent-Mary-pirates

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Lego 70409 – Shipwreck Defense

Here’s a pretty nice entry set for Pirates. It’s cheap, it brings a few interesting features to play with and best of all, it combines perfectly with the bigger Treasure Island (70411) which seems great in terms of playability.

The Shipwreck Defense brings only eighty four pieces that are responsible for two mini-figures (a soldier and a pirate, what else…) a cannon with ammunition and the pirate’s refuge that shows a surveillance post with a rack to store a couple of rifles, a basket that was left over from the sunken ship and a small barricade in the middle, made with a few boards.

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Lego 70411 – Treasure Island

The Treasure Island is one of the sets that will be part of Pirates return in 2015. This small size set has hundred and eighty pieces featuring an island with a small harbor, three mini-figures (a couple of Pirates and an Imperial soldier), a boat and a few additional accessories such as a treasure chest, a crocodile and a brown bucket with a paddle.

At the first glance it’s not one of my favorite sets but together with the soldiers’ outpost (70410) or even the fort (70412), it might originate plenty of interesting battles between pirates and soldiers with plenty of amusing moments which seems great in terms of playability.

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Lego 70410 – Soldiers Outpost

The Soldiers Outpost is a Pirate’s set that will shortly be available on stores. It belongs to the new year set’s wave and features hundred and sixty four pieces that includes a small island with an interesting tower, a raft, three mini-figures (a couple of imperial soldiers and a pirate ), a black octopus and some nice additional elements such as a treasure chest with precious stones, a fish and a yellow crawfish.

Built up on the water, the outpost looks really cool. With two steps coming out from the water, the tower shows between arches and columns a space to put the treasure chest. The ideal was to store it below the structure, in a small tunnel with water, but looking at the pictures I think that it won’t fit there.

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Lego 70412 – Soldiers Fort

Looks like that the hottest week in terms of news has just begun. The Pirates finally started surfing in the internet and among them this new soldiers fort. This new set brings two hundred and thirty four bricks that includes, besides the fort, five mini-figures (two pirates and three soldiers), a small boat and a considerable number of accessories including a treasure chest and weapons and swords for everyone.

The set, that intends to recreate an attack to the fort, brings definitely a lot to stuff to enjoy. The small harbor, on the left, has a nice black cannon upon a rotation platform which rotates 360 degrees and hits the pirate’s boats wherever it is. Next to it, the tall and thin (it’s almost as high as the tower) tree is built with plenty of small bricks that gives it an unusual look.

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