Lego Ninjago Movie – The First Trailer

The first Ninjago Movie trailer has just been unveiled, giving a very interesting look, not only about the movie itself but most of all about all the potential about new vehicles, features, scenarios and mini-figures.

Staring Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Fred Armisen, Abbi Jacobson, Olivia Munn, Kumail Nanjiani, Michael Peña, Zach Woods and Jackie Chan as the voices of the main characters, Lloyd (Green Ninja) and Lord Garmadon seem to have an important role in the battle for Ninjago

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Lego 2017 Ninjago – The Official Pictures

Now it’s time for Ninjago, one of the most enthusiastic Lego themes. The next wave will show eight new sets, based on the series Lego Ninjago – the hands of time, and there is surely a lot to enjoy, no matter your wallet size is!

The new set list includes the Vermillion Attack (70621), Desert Lightning (70622), Destiny’s Shadow (70623), Vermillion Invader (70624), the Samurai VXL (70625), Dawn of Iron Doom (70626) and finally the biggest of all with more than a thousand pieces, the Dragon’s Forge (70627).lego-ninjago-70621-70622-70623-70624-70625-70626-70627

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Lego Ninjago – A new Skybound Battle Pack has been found

A new Ninjago Battle Pack (853544) has been revealed on Eurobricks, showing a Skybound subtheme set with thirty six pieces, four mini-figures that seem to be Zane, Samurai X Nya ( a great version!) and a couple of soldiers of Nadakhan’s sky pirate crew, with lots of weapons and accessories.

Basically, it’s only four mini-figures, but it’s surely a must because the four guys are awesome with lots of printed details and most of all, are versions that it’s not easy to find, I would even say that probably most of them are unique!lego-ninjago-battle-pack-853544This new battle pack Continue reading

Lego 70590 – Airjitzu Battle Grounds

The Airjitzu Battle Grounds is another awesome Ninjago set with a touch of beauty and a great level of playability. The usual fantastic buildings with a high level of details that Ninjago sets use to bring are a bit forgotten here and give place to the two Airjitzu flyers that will certainly provide plenty of fun hours.

This new set has exactly six hundred and sixty six pieces, the number of the beast, and features the battle temple with a central gate, two flyers, five highly detailed mini-figures (Lloyd Garmadon, Nya, Yang, Martin and Chris) with plenty of assorted weapons (some of them seem quite rare!).Lego-70590-Airjitzu-Battle-Grounds-ninjago-5

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LEGO Samurai X Cave Chaos (70596) – The official pictures

Pictures of the new Ninjago set, Samurai X Cave Chaos (70596), have been published on Amazon Japan, showing an awesome set with plenty of action and details to enjoy. With exactly one thousand and two hundred and fifty three pieces it is until the moment the biggest Ninjago set of the next wave of releases.

Besides the big cave, the set includes also three vehicles ( a motorbike, a small jet and a strange Ninjago flying machine) a mech  and eight mini-figures with an endless number of weapons: Wu, Nya, Lloyd Garmadon, Jay Walker, General Cryptor, Pythor P. Chumsworth, Swordsman and General Kozu.LEGO-Samurai-X-Cave-Chaos-70596-ninjago-2

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