Lego Nexo Knights 2018 – The Official Pictures

These sets where already known since a couple of day,s but now it is possible to see the official images. I’m not a particular fan of Nexo Knights but the fans will have, for sure, to prepare their wallets before putting their hands in this new wave.

The set list contains four options for now, three  above the five hundred bricks and in all of them, it is possible to find a huge list of features for battle and playing. From this list, I especially highlight the Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006) and its big gate at the front that has inside a nice robotized ATV. Really cool this one!

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Some Rumors about 2018 Lego Sets

Last weekend was quite rich in terms of rumors about the first wave of 2018 Lego releases. Eurobricks once again was rather busy and shown some set lists with names, regarding a few themes namely Nexo Knights and Star Wars.

Star Wars is absolutely far way from being completed (Boba Feet and Darth Vader are probably buildable figures) but Nexo Knights shows already six new sets with a consistent range number that won’t be very far away from their final keep in mind that these Continue reading

Some New Lego Summer Polybags

A few new Lego polybags of several themes have been surfing in the net, showing mostly some new pods of Ninjago Movie, Friends and Nexo Knights. And there is definitely some great stuff for the polybags or pod’s collectors.

Ninjago shows Kai’s Dojo Pod, (a bag with a pod, Kai’s figure and a small shelf with weapons and accessories), Master Wu Keychain with only six pieces, and a small Movie Maker Polybag. Nexo Knights shows a similar pod with a knight’s figure and some accessories and finally Friends with Emma and some tools inside a

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Lego Summer Sets – The First Rumors

In the last hours, a few rumors have been surfing in the internet with the names and numbers of some of new Summer sets. The list includes City, Creator, Star Wars, The Batman Movie and Nexo Knights among others.

The set list is quite long and I’m not going to talk about all in detail but I must say that I’m quite excited about the possibility of having a Jungle subtheme in City as well as a BUS station. On the other, hand themes like Star Wars or Friends don’t appear to be complete, but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear and see some more about

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Lego Nexo Knights – More 2017 Sets revealed

Today is the day! Here they are, the new 2017 Nexo Knights! And there’s once again plenty of stuff to enjoy. The color scheme is kept, as well as the battle environment and I’m sure that the fans will be delighted with the news.

The long set list include: King’s Guard Artillery (70347), Lance’s Twin Jouster (70348), Ruina’s Lock & Roller (70349), The Three Brothers (70350), Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster (70351), Jestro’s Monstrous Monster Vehicle (70352), Lance vs. Lightning (70359) and the Battle Suits: Battle Suit Clay (70362), Battle Suit Macy (70363), Battle Suit Aaron (70364), Battle Suit Axl (70365) and  Battle Suit Lance (70366)!lego-nexo-knights-70347-70348-70349-70350-70351-70352-70359-70362-70363-70364-70365-70366

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