Lego 2016 Set Names – The first round

In the day that rumors about the 2016 Ghostbusters Head Quarters won some consistency with the discovery of a link on, a member of the Brickset forum has posted a set list containing a lot of information about the next wave of sets of several themes, namely Minecraft, Ideas, Mixels, Technic, Creator and Dimensions.

The names might not be the final version but the set range seems quite consistent in all of them. Having a look at the long list, I must say that I’m quite curious about a few sets namely the Creator constructor vehicles (31041) and Ocean Explorer (31045) and the regarding Technic, the Police Interceptor (42027) and the Volvo EW 160E (42053).

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Lego Mixels – A New Theme in 2014

In partnership with Cartoon Network, Lego will launch, next Spring, a new theme, the Lego Mixels. This new line will include small priced sets along three waves that will show several little creatures with different types if shapes and color schemes. A multi-platform mobile game will also be presented during the launch of the set line.

Personally I think that I won’t take much time with these little guys.  They’re not properly beautiful, neither compatible with other themes and at the first glance, I ‘ll definitely pay more attention to the TV series and the video game than these ugly fellows.

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