Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game – 150 Characters Confirmed

Great news for the mini-figures fans! According to Metro News the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game will have at least hundred and fifty characters which mean that this game will have the biggest line of minifigs that has even been put in a Video Game.

The game developed by TT Games will be available on retail next November for several platforms such as Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, DS, 3DS, and PS Vita. If you’re particularly curious about which figs will appear, have a look at this huge list of guys, containing the most part of them:

Abomination, Acolytes, Archangel, Arnim Zola, Beast, Continue reading

Lego Friends – The Official Game Play Trailer

The most popular Lego girls’ theme has just unveiled its new official game trailer. With Heartlake City in the center of all the action the most popular characters like Andrea or Emma will have plenty of activities to explore and play with.

Warner Bros is the responsible for posting the new trailer for this exciting new Lego game which will be for now available for Nintendo DS and 3DS. Below you can see in detail all the main game features which at the first glance give total freedom to the players to do what they wish most at any time, not only in terms of customizing the characters, but also to choose in which part of HeartLake city they want to play.

The game is already available for preorder in Amazon and will be on retail in the last day of November. Continue reading

Lego Super Heroes – Several Improvements for the next-gen Video Games

These are surely great news for the Lego video games fans! According to the words of the new Lego Marvel Super heroes game manager, Arthur Parsons, the following versions of video games will be considerably faster because they will run mostly from the hard drive instead of the disk itself, which happens currently.

As a consequence, there won’t be any dead moments between two different scenes. On the other hand, several improvements are also planned such as the full HD running, the amount of Lego that will be present and of course the more than hundred and fifty Lego characters.

The game which is planned to be released next October will be available for most of the platforms namely PlayStation 3, Vita, Wii, Wii U,3DS, DS, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. ...Continue Reading...

Lego City Undercover Wii U- A New Game Trailer

A new trailer of the new Wii U game, that will be released next March 18th, has been spotted on the internet. And this two minutes film are surely a great sample of what will be the new Wii game. Chase McCaine, the main character, will assume several disguises according to the chosen mission.

On the other hand, the players will be able to choose from a great bunch of different vehicles to play with, since police motorcycles and cars, helicopters, high speed convertibles and even helicopters among others. The city itself looks rather big which certainly will make the game less repetitive in terms of scenarios.

In terms of Wii features, apparently a map will be displayed on the game pad Continue reading

Lego Lord of the rings – New Video game

At the end of the month the new Lord of the Rings video game will be available on stores. The expectation is high not only because the action will pass through the entire trilogy: the fellowship, the two towers and the return of the king but also because it will be available for several consoles: xbox, wii, Nintendo 3DS and playstation among others.

The action will surely pass through the most emblematic scenes of the three movies which in most cases gave place to lego sets: the Attack on Weathertop, the mines of moria, the orc forge, and of course the battle of helm’s deep will be places that you will easily recognize in the game.Lego announced that there will be about sixty different characters to play with, Continue reading