Lego 2016 sets on

Continuing with next year’s releases, has just revealed an extensive list with most part of the sets that will be included in the first wave in 2016. The list is quite extensive and I’m sure that there will be plenty of great stuff to enjoy among them.

However, my first feelings are that this list is far from being completed not only because there are plenty of gaps between the set numbers but also because I can’t find a single set beyond the seventy bucks. Finally, two notes, one for the speed champions that will return with new manufacturers and for the new theme, the Nexo nights that seems, according to the names, to be something similar to Castle.

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A wall made with LEGO

The German company NPIRE decided to build a wall 2.8 meters high and three meters long fully made with LEGO bricks, in order to serve as part of the office entrance and communal kitchen. According to the Huffington Post, to build this huge project, more than 55 thousand bricks were used including some reused pieces.

The choice of material was due to two essential factors: easy to dismantle if necessary and the LEGO colors bring another life that cannot be reproduced only with white walls. Another possibility is the fact that being a creative studio, the new wall can be seen as a marketing strategy to show an idea that is both creative and functional at the same time.

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Super Bowl 2014 built with Lego

The Super Bowl represented in a brilliant approach. In a Brick by Brick perspective, a Lego version of the 2014 Super Bowl decision match, where Seattle Seahawks defeated Denver Broncos,  was announced by newspaper ‘The Guardian’ which unsurprisingly, is not new because several times before  we have seen it applied in other great moments.

Every part of the scenario is extremely accurate and all the major details are nicely recreated. A final note to the big audience which is all composed by vintage mini-figures!  Enjoy the video!

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New Lego Summer Set Pictures

Lego news were quite well represented in Toy Fair Nuremberg. Besides the city sets, that were mentioned on previous posts, there were also some really great models of other themes. Through some pictures that have appeared in internet it’s already possible to see all the details of some of the new Lego Sets.

The new theme, Ultra Agents, showed among other the big Mission HQ, a highly detailed truck with more than a thousand bricks and continuing with big set the girls will absolutely be pleased with the fantastic Heart Lake Shopping center.

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Lego 2014 Summer Sets – The first pictures

Pictures of several summer sets have appeared today in the internet probably from a retail catalog. As they’re confidential I won’t post them but you can have a look at it right here. Some of the images are already quite satisfactory to have the first impressions and I must say that I’m quite excited about new trains that are coming up.

The new high speed passengers train (60051), at the first glance, makes remember the older 7897, passenger train, with plenty of aerodynamic and white shades and one of its pictures reveals a new set that I haven’t seen mentioned before: a new railway level crossing.

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