Lego Dimensions – A new Lego Game concept

In the past hours, a lot of new information about the new Lego game has been surfing in the internet. The new Video Game, Lego dimensions, and will allow players to interact with sensor pads and mini-figures at the same time, choosing interactively what kind of characters that they want to see on screen.

Among several different licenses that will bring known characters from different themes, such as Batman, Gandalf, or even Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie, the game will also feature a Lego Toy pad and a small brick structure that once built will be fixed to the pad, as a sort of gateway.

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Lego City Undercover: «There was no game until today with cops and robbers without a single shot fired»

Have a look at this interview with Loz Doyle, Lego’s Executive Producer, about the new Lego city undercover. This is a translation from the Portuguese online Diario Digital and the original can be viewed right here:

«LEGO City: Undercover” was one of the most anticipated titles of the Wii U. Before breaking into the world market, the expectation was huge, even more due to the game being released on the new Nintendo console. Therefore, on the TT Games fell an enormous pressure, at least theoretically. However, the company’s executive producer, Loz Doyle, confessed to the Digital Journal that nervousness never fumbled the design of the game. “We know what we are doing,” he assured.

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Lego Games – Three New Moments of Fun

Although I’m not the biggest fan of this type of sets, I must admit that these three games (Lego 50003, 50006 and 50011) seem to have to have everything to present the fans with great hours of fun. Each one is inspired on a different theme namely, Super Heroes, The Lord of the Rings and also the new Legends of Chima.

All of them have plenty of color, a bunch of micro-figures and obviously specific rules. The Lego 50003 (Batman) has two main characters, Batman and Robin that will make plenty of races to catch the bad guys.

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