The Lego Ideas Book

This is surely one of the best Lego books in the market and surely one excellent gift for next Christmas. Lego fans like not only theme sets but also like to build their own creations and even to imagine new ideas. With more than five hundred models since little constructions to big detailed models, this book is quite extensive in terms of presentations.

It has among others nice and different  city vehicles, boats, plains, Kingdoms and Castle,  space models and ships as well at nice houses and buildings and small but very useful ideas specially for placing them in an existing town. The problem is “well I have the ideas but where do I get the bricks??”.Don’t worry about that Continue reading

LEGO Harry Potter- Characters of the Magical World

What a tremendous book for next Christmas. The Characters of Magical world is an interesting and nice detailed encyclopedia about all the mini-figures of Harry Potter’ sets launched since the beginning of the theme. It focuses not only in the mini-figure itself, but also gives a reasonable explanation of the character.

With almost hundred and fifty pages it gives a complete view of all figures present not only in the new sets but also in the older ones. It is basically divided in seven parts, just as the number of movies: The Philosopher’s stone, The chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, the goblet of fire, the order of the Phoenix, the half blood prince, and the deathly Hallows.With Christmas nearby, Continue reading

LEGO Batman – The Visual Dictionary

If you planning, next Christmas, offering a gift to someone who likes Lego and books, it might not be a bad idea to offer him or her, a combination of both. There are some interesting publications but I especially enjoy this one. The Super Heroes theme has some nice characters and figures, one of them is Batman.

The virtual Dictionary of Lego Batman is an interesting book about this Marvel Universe theme, extremely well detailed with plenty of pictures not only about the characters (Batman, The Joker, the Catwoman and Two Faces are easily found) but also about a bunch of sets (from this year I easily remember of the batcave, the Catwoman Catcycle and the Fun House), including some older ones and all the mini-figures collection until know.Besides all those nice theme details, there is also a big comic story Continue reading

Lego Book Revised

Lego Book has recently been expanded and fully revised by Dorling Kindersley and besides all the fun, ideas and models that always have been included since 2009, it has now new dozens of pages with interesting things about the more recent themes such as Ninjago, Friends and Lego Games among others. Unfortunately the new version doesn’t have the smallest book, Standing Small, that in some countries included one mini-figure.

The Book is quite interesting and is full updated. It is easy to find some models and texts (these are usually rather small, giving more space to detailed pictures) about Monster fighters and Lord of the Rings. Besides all the news, the book has also a bunch of nostalgic pictures of themes and sets that are no longer on sale.On the other hand, it is also easy to go back a couple of decades ago Continue reading