The Fidget Spinner in Lego

That’s it! The last worldwide phenomenon among toys can now be brick built with a few Lego pieces. I can’t be sure about its veracity but looks like that there are now a couple of Lego instructions to build a Fidget Spinner with only a couple of dozens of bricks.

That’s definitely a pretty cool reconstruction and the only thing that will be probably missing is the turning around effect that can last for a few minutes.  The two building options are very similar and the major difference seems to be right in the middle: you can choose between a technic piece and a rotatable

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LEGO 40225 – Rio 2016 Olympic Mascots

The official pictures of the new Olympic Mascots of Rio 2016 have been surfing in the net, in the past hours. Vinicious and Tom are the fellows that will be available next august but only in official Olympic shops and main Brazilian Airport.

Hundred and ninety seven pieces is the official piece count and if you don’t have the chance to get the hands in one of them, you can try to build them, following the instructions that can be found here and here. There’s no word for now about how much it is going to cost.LEGO-40225-Rio-2016-Olympic-Mascots-1

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New Lego Sleepers for Christmas – Don’t hurt your feet anymore

What about this for Christmas?? Lego fans surely know what is to be in a room with plenty of nice sets or fantastic creations with a bunch of lost pieces in the floor (especially if you have kids nearby…). Sooner or later, I think that you’ve already tried the feeling of step one those bricks on the floor. Isn’t that great (not)?

To avoid that pain, there is now a great solution. Looks like that Lego has just created some new colored sleepers, that simply allow walking comfortably at home and step over a few bricks, without hurting your feet. Its soles are made for pretty soft material in order to be possible to soften the bloody

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Lego 2016 sets on

Continuing with next year’s releases, has just revealed an extensive list with most part of the sets that will be included in the first wave in 2016. The list is quite extensive and I’m sure that there will be plenty of great stuff to enjoy among them.

However, my first feelings are that this list is far from being completed not only because there are plenty of gaps between the set numbers but also because I can’t find a single set beyond the seventy bucks. Finally, two notes, one for the speed champions that will return with new manufacturers and for the new theme, the Nexo nights that seems, according to the names, to be something similar to Castle.

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Lego Dimensions – A new Lego Game concept

In the past hours, a lot of new information about the new Lego game has been surfing in the internet. The new Video Game, Lego dimensions, and will allow players to interact with sensor pads and mini-figures at the same time, choosing interactively what kind of characters that they want to see on screen.

Among several different licenses that will bring known characters from different themes, such as Batman, Gandalf, or even Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie, the game will also feature a Lego Toy pad and a small brick structure that once built will be fixed to the pad, as a sort of gateway.

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