Lego 79013 – Lake Town Chase – updated with new images

The San Diego Comic Con was again stage of the presentation of a new Lego set, the Hobbit, Lake Town chase. With three hundred and thirty four pieces it will features five new mini-figures (there is no confirmation of their names but is easy to find Bilbo Baggins and Thorin inside the boat) and two small buildings.

The new Lake Town Chase seems to recreate, according to the picture details, the scenes where the five heroes reach the lonely mountain, Erebor. Despite the dark color scheme of this set, my first impression is that all the three elements are quite interesting and with some really nice details.

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Lego 30212 Hobbit -Mirkwood Elf Guard

This is definitely another great Hobbit Polybag. For five dollars you get an exclusive mini-figure, which is the Elf Guard, a small tree with several details such as a small flame, a nice red marshmallow and even a small gemstone. Besides them, the set has also a small butt that is at the same time a table with a big green glass.

By the pictures, you can see that the Elf’s torso is rather well detailed and it even has a green hood in its head. The bow and arrow are also a great feature in this little set which is my opinion is not only a great five bucks set but also a good addition to a bigger hobbit or lord of the rings set.

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Lego 79001 Hobbit – Escape from Mirkwood Spiders

The Escape from Mirkwood Spiders is a Hobbit: the unexpected Journey set that will be released according to Lego next December. With almost three hundred of pieces the set will have two big Mirkwood spiders, four mini-figures (which will be Logolas, Tauriel, Fili and Kili) and two trees, one of them slightly bigger than the other.

The set intends to recreate a scene where the dwarfs are surprised and captured by the Mirkwood Spiders. The only way for them to escape is hope that Bilbo Baggins safes them. For that, Bilbo will have to face not only the two big spiders as well as other small spiders that are hided on the trees.Stating by the spiders, they have a considerable size

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Lego 79004 – Escape in the Barrels

The Escape in the barrels is another set from the new theme, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. This new set recreates a moment from the new movie that will be released, hopefully, late 2013. The action takes place about sixty years before the Lord of the rings episodes with Gandalf and thirteen dwarfs starting a big journey against the dangerous Smaug.

The idea is that Bilbo Baggins enters in the basement, where are the prison’s cells, and release the two dwarfs, that are Oin and Gloin, avoiding the two guards, Waldelben and TBA Wood. How is he going to make it? Without making noise he will pass through the guards and open the cells with a key.Next, the two dwarfs will hide in a couple of Barrel and then thrown to the river.

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Lego 79002 Hobbits – Attack of the Wargs

The attack of the Wargs is one of the new unexpected Journey sets that will be released in the beginning of 2013. With about four hundred pieces, it has five mini-figures that are Yazneg, two Orcs, Bifur, Thorin Oakenshield (I must say that they are all rather well detailed and with great tools) and two Wargs (white and grey), a big tree and a catapult.

The set intends to recreate a scene where Bifur and thorin escaped from the mountains and suddenly faced the terrible Yazneg with its Wargs and the two Orcs. At that point they have no other option than climbing high to the big tree. This one is rather tall and it is made with brown pieces and green branches.

One of the great features of this set is that the tree Continue reading