Lego 79017 – The Battle of Five Armies

This is another great Hobbit set that has just hit stores. The Battle of Five Armies brings exactly four hundred and seventy two pieces and intends to recreate a huge battle at the Ruins of Dale, featuring for that an impressive fortress, a big battle machine, seven mini-figures (Azog, Legolas Greenleaf, Thorin Oakenshield, Dain II Ironfoot, Bard the Bowman and a couple of Gundabad Orcs) and a Gwaihir figure.

The Ruins of dale are basically in this set a watch tower with three different levels with a bridge next to it. I must say that I’m quite impressed not only with some huge details but with the bunch of different features that the set brings which is absolutely great in terms of playability.Having a look at the Orc’s Machine, it looks Continue reading

Lego 79015 – Witch King Battle

The witch King Battle is a new Hobbit set that will hit stores near next Christmas. With exactly hundred and one pieces, it belongs to the Battle of five armies’ wave and features a small wall with a couple of features and three mini-figures (Galadriel, The Witch-King and Elrond), all with assorted weapons or accessories.

The small wall is built with plenty of little elements and brings a nice old tree with a red bench on top, just in the middle, dividing the structure in two. On the left it is possible to see, just behind the small arch, a small catapult which is always pleasant in terms of playability!

The right side has a nice detailed wall with a small window and is, at the same time, the place where the witch King stands and watches the Continue reading

Lego 79018 – The Lonely Mountain

The Lonely Mountain is a new hobbit set that will hit stores in the end of the year. It is considerably big with exactly eight hundred and eighty six pieces and brings a big structure divided in two blocks with plenty of stuff to play with, including Smaug the Dragon (this is the first set with it…) and five mini-figures: Bilbo Baggins, Balin, Dwalin, Fíli and Kíli.

First of all, let me tell that I loved two things at the first glance: the set box which absolutely shows the huge potential in terms of playability and all the bunch of different colors that are present in the set with special relevance for the green and gold mix.

Looking at the left part, the set features a really nice forge with two Continue reading

Lego The Hobbit 2015 – Three new sets for Christmas…

Three images of the new Hobbit wave have been available in the internet for a couple of hours allowing seeing what’s coming in terms of new sets. By Lego request, the images have been gradually removed from everywhere, but gladly, it was already possible to enjoy several details.

The three sets have distinct sizes being the smallest, the Witch King Battle (79015) an entry set with around hundred bricks that include a small fortress and three mini-figures (Elrond, Galadriel, and the Witch-king of Angmar). Rumors mention a retail price around the fifteen dollars.

The second one, the Attack on Lake Down (79016) Continue reading

Lego 79014 – Dot Guldor Battle

The Dot Gulder Battle is a new Hobbit set that has recently hit stores. With almost eight hundred pieces, it brings a big fortress with three distinct walls, a small statue, a hanging jail and six scary mini-figures: Azog, Gandalf, a couple of Gundabad Orcs, Necromancer and Radagast.

First of all and as you can see through the pictures, this big fortress is strategically prepared to join the smaller Dol Guldur Ambush (79011) making both in an even bigger fortress capable of making shadow to bigger sets.

Despite being a unique building with a long Continue reading