Lego 70814 – Emmet Construct-o-Mech

Lord Business has definitely a big opponent when it’s time to arrange some really nice battles. This new Yellow Mech is a big machine that appears in the Lego Movie that, together with Emmet and other characters, will do everything to stop the Evil Lord and all its attempt to stop the Master Builders.

The set is quite big, seven hundred and eight pieces and together with the Construct-o-Mech and its endless features list, it also brings four mini-figures that are Emmet, the movie’s main character, Angry Kitty and two nice skeletons.

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Lego Movie DVD will include Vitruvius Mini-Figure

According to rumors that started in Brickset, the new Lego Movie DVD will include a new and exclusive mini-figure that will be Vitruvius, one of the main characters of the movie and perhaps the most active member of the resistance.

Unlike most of the previous images, Vitruvius that wears a grey headband will also have normal black eyes and a printed amulet. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I must say that I quite excited to see this new guy, however looks like that it will only be available in the in the Collector’s Edition that will include a DVD/Blu-Ray/3D/Digital copy of the movie.

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Lego 70809 – Lord Business Evil Lair

The lord Business Evil Lair is a Lego Movie set that has been released a couple of months ago. First of all, I must say that without seeing the movie it’s impossible to have the same impression that after seeing it. For me, when I saw its first pics, it’s was only a big structure similar to a couple of super heroes sets.

But now that the movie has hit theatres, the perspective is completely different. It represents one of the movie’s most important scenes where Lord Business kept prisoners all the master Builders and try to exterminate them and their building creativity.

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Lego 70810 – Official Images and Press Release

Lego has finally unveiled the official images of the biggest Lego Movie set, the Metalbeard Sea Cow. The set Box was already known but most of its details and features were until the moment unknown.

The ship is absolutely awesome and I can’t wait to see it in the cinema. The details are endless, the interior keeps the outside tendency, filled with plenty of stuff and the images don’t lie, it is big, very big, with exactly fifty eight centimeters long and sixty one high!

Have a look at the extensive press release and gallery just below it:

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Lego 70812 – Creative Ambush

The craziness continues, set after set, and the Creative Ambush is no exception. The first thoughts and pictures about the new Lego Movie sets didn’t convince me much but the more I see the more I like it and if the purpose is to spice the movie through the bunch of new movie sets, then I think that they’ve made it!

The new Creative Ambush brings a total of four hundred and seventy three pieces and features a big brown and crazy plane, a robot called Micro Manager, a Flying Kebab Stand and five great mini-figures: Sudds Backwash, Rootbeer Belle, Executive Ellen and Kebab Bob.

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