Lego 70135 – Cragger’s Fire Striker

Looking at this set, I would say that Legends of Chima will definitely hit summer with full strength. The New Cragger’s Fire Striker is an awesome Chima’s vehicle with a reasonable size and plenty of powerful weapons that will also include three mini-figures from three distinct tribes: Vornon from the eagles, Stealthor from the wolfs, and, of course Cragger from the crocs.

With a structure built mostly with red technic pieces (the use of these bricks is absolutely a tendency), the fire Striker has at the front, as usual, the respective tribe’ muzzle which once again is nicely represented with a big mouth, a couple of big red eyes at the back and lots of white sharp teeth.

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Lego 70130 – Sparratus Spider Stalker

Legends of Chima is a theme with particular characteristics and features which sometimes ends in sets that I specifically don’t like. And it seems that the new Sparratus spider Stalker is one of them despite a couple of interesting features that we can easily observe through the set box image.

It looks at the first glance an entry set, however it brings almost three hundred pieces (it definitely uses many small elements) which is more than enough for the big spider with eight big claws and the two mini-figures from different tribes (it’s a tendency of the new 2014 wave, mini-figures of different tribes in the same set): Sparratus from spiders and Gorzan from Gorillas.

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Lego 70133 – Spinlyn’s Cavern

The Spinlyn’s Cavern is another Legend of Chima’s set that recently has been unveiled. With a total of four hundred and seven pieces, it brings the big cavern, a fat motorcycle, and three mini-figures, each one from different tribes: Eris from the Eagles, Rogon from the Rynos and Spynlin from the Spiders.

At the first glance this set makes me remember the Monster Fighters sets, perhaps because of the spider webs or the cavern’s gray shades. The naked structure that it presents seems to hide a lot of interesting details, not only at the big entrance but most of all in the tower at the back.

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Lego 70134 – Lavertus Outland Base

Lavertus Outland Base is another great Chima’s set that looks absolutely amazing! I must say that the Lion’s tribe has been quite lucky because not even a year has passed since the big Chi Temple (70010) has been release and the guys have already another big fortress to fight back the enemy.

This huge set brings exactly six hundred and eighty four pieces and features the symmetric Outland Base, two vehicles (a nice yellow speeder for the lions and unusual battle car for the spiders), four mini-figures (Lavertus and Laval from the Lions, Blista from the Bats and Sparratus from the Spiders) and a bunch of nice accessories to play with, namely some really nice weapons for the figures.

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Lego Legend of Chima – The new 2014 mini-figures

A few days ago, a scan of the back of a Legends of Chima’s instructions booklet has appeared in the internet, containing all the new mini-figures that will be present in the new sets. As always, the new guys are extremely accurate with some really nice details, representative of their tribes.

AS you probably already know there will three new tribes (the bats, the spiders and the scorpions) and, at a glance, at least a couple of them have been dropped down in this wave (the wolves and the Ravens).

As it concerns to the new tribes, there will be eight new elements and almost every one of them is exclusive of a set (the exception are ...Continue Reading...