Daily Mirror Polybag Promotion in September

Brick fanatics has mentioned that Daily Mirror will have a new Polybag Promotion in September from 20th till 27th. The list features eight sets from different themes (city, star wars, Chima and Lego movie) and constitutes a nice opportunity for the British fans to get their hands on some really nice polybags.

It seems like the other times, there will be a different polybag on each day and all that is necessary will be buying the news paper, get the token and go to store. The only doubt for now is the retail’s availability, namely in Toysrus.

Have a look at the list:

Lego 70147 – Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress

The Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress is a Legend of Chima’s set, already available on stores, with six hundred and seventy pieces and a lot of stuff to play with. It features a big white fortress that includes a small detachable vehicle, a land vehicle to attack the tower and five mini-figures belonging to different tribes (Sir Fangar, Strainor, Voom Voom, Worriz and Gorzan).

Looking at the set box, the first impressions couldn’t be better. The big tower looks pretty nice in terms of color scheme, it brings a lot of nice features all around (some of them are hidden) and of course both parts bring a lot of weapons to fight for the precious Chi.

The fortress is constituted by a big Continue reading

Lego 70141 – Vardy’s Ice Vulture Glider

In a time when the relevant information about new sets is almost none, let’s have a close look at this Legends of Chima’s set, the Vardy’s Ice Vulkture Glider. This twenty dollars’ box without being one of the coolest, brings a few nice elements such as the several blue transparent pieces or for instance the six brown blades.

The Vulture glider brings a bit more than two hundred pieces and besides the big bird, it features also two Chima’s mini-figures, belonging to two different tribes (Vardy and Lundor) and a small platform with a throne on top for Lundor.

Looking at the glider, it looks Continue reading

Lego 30264 – Frax’s Phoenix Flyer

A new Legends of Chima’s Polybag has been recently published in Brickset and looks like this time Frax will present its new Phoenix flyer. Built mostly with orange bricks, this small polybag features a small Chima’s flyer that include at the front a couple of weapons and some usual handlers for the pilot.

Frax looks pretty well, and just like the small flying machine, is mostly composed by orange shades, all over its body. The torso and legs brings some nice printed details and just in its chest it is possible to see a nice flame ball that will certainly bring him some extra power. With the helmet out, it is possible to see an eagle’s face that certainly doesn’t look very happy!

With only thirty two pieces, Continue reading

Lego 30265 – A new Legend of Chima Polybag

A new Chima’s Polybag has been recently discovered in a Russian site and, at the first glance, it looks pretty nice, being quite similar to this year’s DC Universe bike (the 30166 with Robin). There is, for now, no information about the exact size however I would say that it brings around thirty little bricks.

The set includes the bike and a mini-figure, Worriz, and for around five bucks (my speculation!!) I would say that is an excellent opportunity to achieve a nice mini-figure and an unusual bike that brings big wheels, powerful exhauster pipes and a great handlebar.

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