Lego Legends of Chima – The Ultimate Battle for Chima

A new Mega Giant but unfortunately very exclusive Chima’s set, the ultimate battle for Chima, with more than ten thousand pieces (!!!) that will include twenty five sets and ninety two mini-figures, probably the ones that were released on the last set waves, will be part, as a contest prize, of a US Lego Club contest .

I’ve never been a huge fan of this theme, but just by looking at the set box (that picture is awesome!!) I would say that putting the hands on it should be absolutely a unique experience in terms of building experience and playability.

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Lego 70226 – Mammoth’s Frozen Stronghold

Two ice vehicles, a nice and interesting building with lots of features and tricks and five mini-figures (Maula, Mottrot, Vardy, Rinona and Rogon) of three different tribes with a bunch of nice weapons and accessories, is what you’ll find in the new Legend of Chima’s set, the Mammoth’s Frozen Stronghold.

The masterpiece of the set is obviously the strong hold that belongs to the Mammoth’s tribe. It has three distinct elements, nicely distributed, but the central arch definitely caught the first attentions mostly thanks to the big mammoth’s head perfectly sculpted with a big brown trunk.

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Lego 70228 – Vultrix’s Sky Scavanger

The Vultrix Sky Scavanger is a new Legend of Chima set with exactly four hundred and eighty pieces that presents a big flying machine with the shapes of a bird and lots of interesting features to play with. Joining it, there are also three mini-figures (Frax, Viltrix, Vardy) and a small aircraft.

Like it or not, this set is definitely a must of playability because it combines a bunch of weapons with the possibility of splitting the aircraft in several parts, transforming it in three different vehicles (basically the head and the tail can be detached and fly separately).

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Lego 70222 – Tormak’s Shadow Blazer

One of the new 2015 Legends of Chima sets is this Tormak’s shadow Blazer. Basically it’s a fearful vehicle with lots of different colors and weapons, a small flying platform with a disk shooter and three mini-figures of different tribes (Tormak, Gorzan and Sykor) all with assorted weapons, among a total of three hundred and eleven pieces.

Just like most of other Chima’s vehicles, there are also two details that are similar in this new shadow Blazer: The Tiger’s Muzzle that is once again perfectly designed (the big mouth, the yellow eyes and the ears are simply great…) and the bunch of white teeth that appear this time next to the mouth, just at the front of the car.

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Lego 66491 – A new Legends of Chima 5 in 1 Super Pack

Yesterday, I saw a new Legends of Chima Super pack in my local Toysrus. This new set is a 5 in 1 box that brings a nice Chima’s all terrain vehicle as the main attraction, three medium size sets and a smaller Legend Beast set.

The sets, as you can see through the pictures, are Rogon’s Rock Flinger (70131), Sparratus’ Spider Stalker (70130), Lavertus’ Twin Blade (70129), Braptor’s Wing Striker (70128) and Crocodile Legend Beast (70126) that together bring almost a thousand pieces and ten mini-figures.

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