Lego 71043 – The Hogwarts Castle was unveiled

Lego has just revealed another masterpiece, the new Hogwarts Castle, a Harry Potter set with exactly six thousands and twenty pieces (!!)  that includes four mini-figures (Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw) and a huge list of twenty seven micro-figures that presents plenty of characters as you can see in the official press release.

In terms of the castle, the pictures talk by themselves, it’s absolutely a must, a highly detailed construction with lots of small details and among so many others, an enormous tower that according to Lego is 58 centimeters high.

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Lego Harry Potter Polybag discovered

A new Harry Potter – Wizard World polybag was discovered, and the result is a new bag called Harry’s Journey to Hogwarts (30407),with of thirty seven pieces that intends to recreate a small scene from the movie where Harry carries his luggage.

The polybag basically includes Harry and some accessories, including Hedwig the white owl, and at the first glance, it should interact pretty well with the new train set, the Hogwarts Express. There’s no word about prices but rumors mention the possibility of being available next month, just like the rest of the set list.

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Lego Harry Potter Collectable Mini-Figures Revealed

Lego has just revealed the new Wizarding World Harry Potter series of collectable mini-figures composed by twenty two characters from Harry Potter books and fantastic beats. And for the fans of this fantastic theme, there are definitely plenty of great figures to enjoy!

Albus Dumbledore, Dean Thomas, Dobby and Neville Longbottom are some of my favorite but I must say that overall, it’s a pretty nice collection. The Series should be shortly available (in the beginning of August) on retail with a price of 3,99 bucks each bag.

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Lego Harry Potter – The Official Pictures

The sets were already known for some time, as well as their main visuals, but finally, it’s now possible to have a better perspective of them, especially by looking to the back of the set boxes where most of the times some new great features are unveiled.

The Hogwarts Great Hall (75954) is simply awesome; it is built with plenty of small pieces and shows an awesome design. However my favorite is absolutely the train (75955)! I missed all the previous releases but now, I will certainly have the opportunity to puts my hands on this new one. 

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Lego 75955 – Hogwarts Express

I’m not a particular fan of the Harry Potter sets, but I couldn’t be indifferent to this new train, the Hogwarts Express. The new Wizarding world set features a new Locomotive with a carriage, a nice but very particular railway station, and six mini-figures (Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Trolley Witch and Dementor) with assorted accessories, in a total of eight hundred and one pieces.

The Vintage Locomotive looks absolutely beautiful! With a nice color scheme, mixing red and black, it shows a long steam engine with some pretty golden pieces on top. The ten wheels responsible to move the train are the usual but the long bar that moves just as the train starts, surely is an unusual detail.

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