Lego 41348 – Service & Care Truck

Friends will have a few racing sets and the new Service and Care Truck is one of them. The exact piece count and price is not known yet but looking at the pictures it’s not hard to imagine something around the two hundred pieces, perhaps a few more with the respective price around the twenty five bucks.

This new set has a nice blue truck with plenty of small colored pieces and a flat bed to transport a racing car, a small kart , a mini-doll which honestly I can’t identify who it is, a little cat and a micro robot, and a few racing accessories such as a hump with a sign.

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Lego City – The Arctic Expedition Official Theme

The new city subtheme, the Arctic Expedition has also some great unveiled news, presenting seven new sets of different sizes, being the smallest the Ice Glider (60190), an entry box with only fifty pieces and the biggest, the Arctic Supply Aircraft (60196).

All sets show the same predominant orange color and a big dose of playability but I must say that the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base (60195) and the Supply Aircraft (60196) look awesome, especially the first one that beyond all the great vehicles has also a Mammoth figure.

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Lego 70923 – Bat Space Shuttle

It’s absolutely impossible not to like this set, even if you’re not a fan of Batman. The new Lego Batman set has been recently available on retail and has everything to spend some great hours of fun where the hero is obviously the shuttle.

The Bat Space Shuttle has six hundred and forty three pieces and features the Bat Space Shuttle with a triple booster, a bat moon buggy, a Kayak, a costume rail for the mini-figures and six characters: Batman, Dick Grayson, Catwoman, Reggae Man Batsuit, Space Batsuit and Firestarter Batsuit.

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Lego City 2018 – Six New Sets Were Unveiled

That’s it, after the Dirt Road Pursuit, revealed last week, six new city sets have been unveiled, belonging five of them to the Great vehicles and only a single to the new Mountain Police sub-theme. Won’t be surprising for sure if in the next days a few more Police sets suddenly appear in the web.

My favorite for now is absolutely the Heavy Cargo Transport that contains a big black truck with a trailer and a small heli as the cargo. Just like most part of the 2018 themes, these will be available on general retail next January.

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Lego 40176 – Scarif Stormtrooper Polybag

A new Star Wars Polybag picture has been surfing in the net, showing a new star Wars mini-figure, the Scarif Stormtrooper , in a small brick built stand, just like the R3 M2 bag (40268), which was seen a few weeks ago. And it’s definitely a great addition, this guy brings a nice light brown suit with some pretty interesting printed details.

With a total of twenty of pieces, the polybag features also a small background for the stand. Another curiosity is the small pin, placed aside, which suggests that the stands might get connected to each other which is definitely pretty interesting.Lego-40176-Scarif-Stormtrooper-Polybag-star-wars

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