Toy Fair in New York – Continuing With Lord of the Rings and Galaxy Squad

The Lord of the Rings presented the fans with only four new sets and despite of all the beauty and features of the four, the big pirate ship ambush overshadows the other three. With almost eight hundred pieces and nine mini-figures it surely deserved to be watched carefully below, in the gallery. And I admit, maybe I’m being a bit unfair with the Black Gate because it has almost the same size and the fortress is really impressive.

Looking at the Galaxy Squad, basically is the continuation of strange insectoids and big detailed space machines. Their color combination, not only from the vehicles but also from the big mosquitos is basically the same and in terms of new sets, the Galactic Titan, with more than one thousand stands out from the rest.

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Lego Galaxy Squad and Legends of Chima – New Sets for 2013 Summer

Just like City theme, Galaxy Squad and Legends of Chima have also some great sets to be release next summer. The Squad will present us with four great new sets, an Eradicator Mech (70707), a Hive Crawler (70708) , a crater creeper (70706) which apparently will be the smallest of this wave and finally the big Galactic Titan (70709).

On the other hand, Legends of Chima will present the fans with a huge Lion Chi Temple – 70010 – (I’m rather curious with this one…), a Gorilla Striker (70008), which finally seems to be the entrance of a new animal in the theme, a Combat Lair by Worriz (70009) and finally a twin bike (70007).

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Lego 70703 – Star Slicer

The Star Slicer is a new Galaxy Squad set with more than three hundred pieces. Although some great features that it has, I must say that at the first look, I didn’t sympathize with it. The set, besides the big alien mosquito, also brings a nice space vehicle that splits in two and three minifigures (Solomon Blaze, the Blue Robot and the dark red insectoid).

Honestly, I do have a problem with this theme because for me, these insects don’t combine with Lego. They’re simple not my type. However I must recognize that the bugs, not only this Star Slicer but overall every one of them have surely some interesting features, different colors and sometimes a couple of unique pieces.

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Lego 70701 – Swarm Interceptor

The Swarm Interceptor is a nice Galaxy Squad set with two hundred and eighteen pieces and includes two nice mini-figures (an Alien Mosquito and Solomon Blaze), a small speeder and of course, the big Swarm Interceptor.

The bigger attraction is of course the Swarm Interceptor. It is the biggest and it brings plenty of awesome features. Building it is quite fun and soon you will realize that the main ship can split into two different parts. The front cockpit can easily detach from the main body and transform itself into a smaller vehicle to fight the mosquito. It has its own weapons at the front, and also a couple of small wings.

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Lego 30230 and 30231 – Two Galax Squad Polybags

These two new Galax Squad Polybags are respectively called Mini Mech and Space Insectoid. In my opinion we can’t expect much of these twenty pieces sets, however I think that they’re always interesting for two reasons: they are a god complement for bigger sets and normally we can always get new mini-figures, sometimes exclusive, for an irrelevant price.

The little ‘Mini-Mech’ looks a small robot with four legs, commanded by a red pilot. This guy has on such a small space two elements: a seat and a handler. In both sides there seem to be a couple of weapons to fight the bugs. On the other hand the Space Insectoid has a green guy with a great laser and a small insectoid made with the same color pieces that the big ones.

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