Lego 70709 – Galactic Titan

The Galaxy Squad sets, especially those that include vehicles like this one are definitely becoming a serious matter in terms of playability. The new Galactic Titan is the biggest set of this summer wave with exactly one thousand and twelve pieces and as you can see through the pictures will bring a lot of stuff to have fun with.

The set brings a huge all terrain recognition vehicle, capable of surpass easily every obstacle and with the capability of splitting into two different things: a blue gunship and sort of tank with a huge double cannon at the back. The mini-figures will be six (Solomon Blaze, Max Solarflare and Robot Sidekick, two Alien Mosquitoid and a small dragonfly bud), which will certainly will be responsible for multiple combats.

The main features don’t end here, because this time the bugs Continue reading

Lego 70708 – Hive Crawler

Continuing with the galaxy squad summer wave of sets, the Hive Crawler is another model that will soon be available on stores. It is considerably big with exactly five hundred and sixty pieces which includes the big insectcoid, three mini-figures (Billy Starbeam and Robot Sidekick from the red squad and Alien Mantazoid), a couple of small green larvae and a small craft that ingeniously can split in two.

Despite my indifference towards the galaxy squad bugs, I must say that this Hive Crawler looks very nice with some pretty nice details. First of all it is quite sturdy and as you start building it, you’ll notice a solid base mixed with a considerable number of technic pieces that will also be the structure for the legs’ attachments as well as for the abdomen.

At the front, the two big red eyes hide the cockpit where the green alien Continue reading

Lego 70707 – CLS 89 Eradicator Mech

The CLS Eradicator Mech is a new Galaxy Squad Set and the only orange squad representative in the summer wave of releases. It brings exactly four hundred and forty pieces which includes the big Eradicator Mech, two big alien Bugs and a couple of orange soldiers namely Robot Sidekick and Jack Fireblade.

The Big Mech is quite interesting because it has the capability of transforming in two distinct vehicles. At the top, the big cockpit splits and transforms into a small space ship that is originally stuck to the mech thanks to a few technic pins, while the bug Mech keeps a similar look with all the original features.

I am not I truly fan of Mechs but I must say that this one is not one of the worst, far away from that. The entire structure is absolutely sturdy Continue reading

Lego 70706 – Crater Creeper

Definitely you have to have the galaxy squad feeling to achieve the new Crater Creeper. It has absolutely some nice details, a couple of interesting features, two mini-figures (not particularly new…) but overall it’s too much insectoid for a twenty dollars set. You have to own a couple of different squad sets before you buy this one (my humble opinion) otherwise I think that you’ll have the thought. “What do I do with this thing?!”

This new Crater Creeper, that will be released on the next months all over the different markets, has exactly one hundred and seventy one pieces and includes a couple of nice mini-figures (Chuck Stonebreaker and Alien Buggoid), a small flying saucer and of course the big crater creeper.

The main body of the bug uses the traditional color combination Continue reading

Lego Galaxy Squad – High Definition pictures of the new summer sets

Although they’re not properly new, mostly thanks to the Lego Events in the beginning of the year, such as for instance Toy Fair, it is always a pleasure to see not only the new high definition images of the summer wave of Galaxy Squad sets with all its details, mini-figures, vehicles, and so on but also their set-boxes which most of the time show all the main features.

In this wave there is not properly a small set. The smallest is the Crater Creeper (70706), a twenty dollar set with hundred and seventy one pieces and two mini-figures. The CLS-89 Eradicator Mech (Lego 70707), belongs to the orange squad and is considerably bigger with four hundred and forty pieces but only two mini-figures. Its retail price will be around the forty dollars.

The Hive Crawler (Lego 70708) is Continue reading