Elves Official Pictures

Just like Architecture, the Elves have also two great news for the girls, presenting two great sets filled with color, beauty and playability. The sets are Emily & Noctura’s Showdown (41195) and The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack (41196).

The first one features a magic black carriage, a white animal and a couple of mini-dolls (Emily Jones and Noctura. The second one is bigger and presents a beautiful house with plenty of accessories, a big bat and three mini-dolls . Both sets will be available next August.

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Lego Elves – The 2018 Sets

Lego has just uploaded the official pictures of the new Elves set that will soon hit stores. The set list is composed by five new boxes that will surely delight the girls. One thing is for sure, they’re definitely quite colored and mysterious.

At the first glance, some of them seem to brings new animals (an eagle, for instance) that join the usual dragons and overall in terms of size, they seem to be considerably big (a few hundred bricks), attempting that we’re talking about elves. The sets should be presumably available on stores next January.

Have a look at them:

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Lego Summer Sets – The First Rumors

In the last hours, a few rumors have been surfing in the internet with the names and numbers of some of new Summer sets. The list includes City, Creator, Star Wars, The Batman Movie and Nexo Knights among others.

The set list is quite long and I’m not going to talk about all in detail but I must say that I’m quite excited about the possibility of having a Jungle subtheme in City as well as a BUS station. On the other, hand themes like Star Wars or Friends don’t appear to be complete, but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear and see some more about them.lego-friends-creator-city-movie-batman-nexo-knights-2017-summer

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Lego Elves 2017 – The First Wave

Five new sets will make part of the new wave of 2017 Elves and I’m sure that mostly the girls will certainly enjoy them. Lots of different colors and plenty of nice details to enjoy are certainly good reasons to achieve some of them!

The set list is composed by: Naida’s Gondola & the Goblin Thief (41181), The Capture of Sophie Jones (41182), The Goblin King’s Evil Dragon (41183), Aira’s Air Ship and the Hunt for the Amulet (41184) and Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village (41185). Just like this year, the sets, presumably, will be available only in March.lego-elves-2017-41185

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Lego Elves – The Official Summer Images

Just as the summer gets closer, the official images of the new sets are gradually being unveiled, just like it happened to elves recently. I’m not a truly fan of this theme but there are surely a lot of playability to enjoy and lots of great features.

This new wave of Elves sets include the Precious Crystal Mine (41177), the Dragon sanctuary (41178), the Queen Dragon’s Rescue (41179) and the biggest of all the Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle (41180) that will be available in June just most part of the other themes.lego-elves-41177-41178-41179-41180Have a look at the Continue reading