Lego Duplo 2018 – Official Pictures

Let’s have a look to the younger children favorite sets. And not being a real consumer of this theme, the kids are getting bigger, I must say that the choice is definitely extensive, with fifteen options of different sizes and of course different prices.

Two additional notes, one for the fact that three are based on other Lego themes, namely Disney and Super Heroes and the second is that some of them are reasonably big, which is awesome for the younger guys in terms of fun, building experience and playability.

The sets should be available on retail next month. Have Continue reading

Lego 2018 Polybags

A bunch of images from new 2018 Polybags have been published in a youtube channel (Freedom Bricks), presenting fifteen (!!) new bags from different themes including Star Wars, Super-Heroes, Ninjago, City, Juniors, Friends, Disney, Creator and finally a single one from Duplo.

There isn’t for now, any kind of details about piece count, prices or eventual availability on Markets, but the pictures give a pretty decent image of the individual detail on each one. I must say that I especially liked a couple of city bags, namely the hotdog stand and the road worker.

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Lego Duplo – Three New Planes Sets

Based on the new Planes Walt Disney Movie, Lego will launch at least three new Duplo sets with plenty of color and some great new vehicles for the kids. For now are known the 10509 (Dusty and Chug), 10510 (Ripslinger’s Air Race) and 10511 (Skipper’s Flight School) which in my opinion look really great!

This small wave of sets, as you can see through the pictures brings plenty of planes, Dusty and Chug with only sixteen pieces are a plane and a tow truck with a small workshop, Ripslinger’s Air Race, with forty pieces is a nice festival with a couple of planes, a podium and a big presentation entry and finally the bigger Shipper flight school brings a nice building with two planes and a crew member.For a specific target, these sets look really great, Continue reading

New Polybags from Star Wars, City, Friends, Super Heroes, Creator and Legends of Chima

If you’re a polybag fan or collector, here is an extensive list of polybags that will come out this year, some of them we’re already seen on stores. The Legend of Chima is the most represented theme so far with five little sets with mini-figures from all tribes and all of them bring the precious Chi piece.

The Friends, as always, bring a lot of color and fun for the girls and in the available three I especially enjoyed the little ice cream stand. The City so far has two interesting fire additions which are a little fire car and a speedboat, and a small police helicopter.Creator has also two small new bags, Continue reading

Lego Duplo – New pictures of 2013 Sets

The younger have surely plenty to choose from next year. Although I’m not even a small consumer of these kind of sets, I must admit that the theme next year will be rather good, with plenty of new ideas, vehicles, colors and after all a bunch of big fun for the kids. From a list of eighteen sets, fourteen, until now, were finally revealed.

There will be sets more focused on girls with rose as a predominant color, such as the family’s house (10505), Ariel’s under sea’s castle (my daughter can’t even think that this one exists…) or even the smaller stable. The zoo environment, until the moment is also quite well represented with a nice safari bus and a sea lions how.

A big circus will also be available as well as smaller vehicles Continue reading