Lego Dino 5884 – Raptor Chase

The Raptor Chase is a 2012’s set of a new city theme. It has almost two hundred and sixty pieces and two nice mini-figures. These are also, in my opinion, a good addition to the collection because they not only belong to a new theme but especially because they have pretty nice details.

The core of the set is the big truck. And it is definitely tall. Its wheels, whose axes are made with a technique piece, have almost the height of the mini-figures and in the middle, there are some side ladders to climb to the cab. Next to the driving seat, there is a hunting platform, which rotates pretty well, based on the windshield with some spears that are really nice.

Once built, the vehicle is really very solid, not only by looking at it but especially if it hits with something. Continue reading

Lego Dino 5888 – Ocean Interceptor

The Ocean Interceptor is a Dino’s set, released this year and it is a good but overpriced addition to the theme. The plain has exactly two hundred and twenty two pieces but thirty five dollars look a bit expensive, unfortunately looks like a theme tendency. The set has also, beside the hydroplane, two mini-figures, a small jet ski and of course the long pteranodon.

The plain’s skeleton is all made small colored pieces, some of them technique, which is unusual because it is very common those long bed pieces typical of the airplanes. The cockpit is interesting and different from everything but the controls could be improved. A simple radar is too short to control the vehicle. Some extra handles would be appreciated.On the other hand, the windshield, which easily opens to increase the access and the playability, is very nice with plenty of aerodynamic. Continue reading

Lego Dino 5885 – Triceratops Trapper

The Triceratops Trapper is a Dino’s set released this year, and basically is constituted by two animals: The dino and the truck. The Triceratops is perhaps the biggest dino of this theme and the truck, well the truck will have to be park near the city because it simply won’t be able to enter it.

It has twice the width of an average truck plus the part of the wheels that are out of the arches. I can’t imagine the consequences of a frontal crush with the Mining Truck (Lego city 4202), because this model is quite resistant and solid. My guess is nothing serious would happen because the models would behave like a rock.Talking about its construction, it is made in two steps: Continue reading

Lego Dino 5886 – T-Rex Hunter

This is perhaps the strangest helicopter that I ever seen. The T-Rex Hunter is a dino set that is prepared to transport, through air, a captured tyrannosaur. For that, Lego created a weird heli with a gigantic landing gear in order to have space to shelter the beast below the cockpit. Besides the vehicle and the Dinosaur, the set has also two paramilitary figures and a small car with a nice trailer.

When you start building the heli, you will find out two things: it is really big and it is not so trivial as the usual city models. First of all, the model has not a base or a chassis, it is globally built by modules which are attached in the final. The cockpit is larger than usual, it has a seat and a handle to launch the four (!!!) tranquilizers. The cockpit could be more complete, in my opinion, it could have at least a small control panel.The back of the cab is made with several technique pieces, all thought to attach the other structures and also to receive the enormous windshield (it has almost hundred and eighty degrees). Continue reading

Lego Dino 5883 – Tower Takedown

The Tower Takedown is a nice Dino set. It intends to recreate a scenario where a guard tries to capture a Dino (to be exactly, I think that it is a Pteranodon, or something like that). The set has almost one hundred and forty pieces, a very well printed mini-figure, a jet ski and the so called dinosaur.

The set is easy to build and has plenty of interesting details. Starting by the tower, which has two floors, it is built with known pieces, used for instance in the train station 7937. Inside, the first floor is rather empty and perhaps it will just serve to store some accessories or even the jet ski.The second floor is rather different because it has a dino detector (looks like a printed piece, but I am not sure), some ladders for the access and an antenna for surveillance and fast detection. Continue reading