Lego Dimensions – New Expansions Packs Officially Announced

A few new Lego Dimension Packs have been announced by Warner Bros, joining the extensive list of available options for this game. The list includes a bigger Batman Movie story pack (71264) that includes two mini-figures (Robin and a Batgirl) as well as a rebuildable Bat wing that can be transformed into a black thunder.

In terms of fun packs, there are two official presentations, the Knight Rider fun pack (71286) that will include KITT and knight rider (The hair cut is rather similar….) and a Batman Movie Fun Pack (71344) with a Batman mini-figure and a rebuildable Bionic

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Lego Dimensions – The Official Pictures

The news, regarding the next wave of Dimension packs, have been quite rich in the last days and today, gladly it is possible to observe the official pictures of some the new packs the will be release later this year.

The new packs as you probably now are: Sonic The Hedgehog Level Pack (71244), Fantastic Beasts Story Pack (71253), Gremlins Team Pack (71256), Fantastic Beasts Tina Fun Pack (71257), E.T. The Extraterrestrial Fun Pack (71258) and the Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack (71285).Lego-dimensions-pack-71244-71253-71256-71257-71258-71285There are a few more Continue reading

Lego Dimensions – More Fun Packs revealed

A couple of new Dimensions Fun Packs have been revealed, showing some more news about this next year new wave of sets. The new packs are the E.T. and Fantastic Beast Tina and definitely look a couple of great additions.

The first one (71258) has forty two pieces and contains a Funny ET figure and a red telephone. The second, Fantastic Beast Tina (71257), contains fifty two bricks and features Tina Goldstein Mini-figure and Swooping Evil, a sort of butterfly creature. Both will be available in the end of the year as should retail with a price around the twelve dollars.Lego-71258-ET-dimensions-fun-pack

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Lego Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack

The official images of the new Lego Dimensions Adventure Time Marceline Fun Pack (71285), as well as some official information, have been published on Toysrus, showing all the details about this new pack that will be available next November.

According to the news, the set that will be one of the retail exclusives, will bring sixty pieces and feature Marceline the Vampire Queen and the Lunatic amp. This is definitely not my favorite Lego concept but I’m sure that this new pack together with the rest will provide plenty of hours of fun to the fans.Lego-Dimensions-Adventure-Time-Marceline-Fun-Pack

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Lego Dimensions – A short round up about the new packs

In the last days, a lot of new information in terms of new Lego Dimensions has been revealed, namely at E3 2016. There will be four different waves and the first one that is scheduled for next September will contain Ghostbusters (71242), Adventure Time Level Pack (71245), Adventure Time Team Pack (71246), Harry Potter (71247), Mission Impossible (71248), and The A-Team (71251).

The others are planned for next November and 2017 January/March. The exact set list of each wave isn’t detailed for now but there several packs that are already presented namely: Sonic The Hedgehog (71244), the Gremlins (71256), E.T. (71257), Knight Rider (71252), the Goonies, Teen Titans GO (71254) and the Powerpuff

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