Lego Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) officially revealed

The next Lego Ideas set, Ship in a Bottle, was finally unveiled and will be available on stores next month. The set will be slightly smaller than the original project with exactly nine hundred and sixty two pieces and will be definitely a must have for the Lego fans.

The playability isn’t much but the building experience and beauty are surely on high levels. The transparent bottle is nicely reproduced and well as the brown stand and inside, the ship has for sure some really nice details.

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Lego Ideas – The Lighthouse achieves 10.000 fans

In a time when news about regular sets have slowed down a bit, a pretty interesting ideas project has just achieved 10.000 supporters, joining the pop up book and the boat house dinner, in the third review stage of this year.

The lighthouse is a huge creation with almost two thousands and four hundred pieces and features besides the light tower, a big building built over an island with plenty of different colors and nice details to enjoy.legoi-ideas-lighthouse

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Lego 21310 – The Old Fishing Store has been officially revealed

The new Lego Ideas, the Old Fishing Store has been officially presented. This set is definitely very big, one of the biggest ideas set for sure, featuring two thousand and forty nine pieces and a lot of great elements to enjoy.

As you can see through the set box pictures, which absolutely unusual and beautiful, the old fishing store has a two floor house with a tall tower and a small harbor next to it, four mini-figures, a considerable number of animals (a cat, three seagull and a crab), two boxes with tools and accessories and a lot of seashore elements all around the store.Lego.21310-Old-Fishing-store-ideas-3The building presents Continue reading

Lego 21039 – Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn IV

The newest Lego Ideas set, NASA Apollo Saturn IV has been officially revealed, showing the biggest Lego ideas set ever produced. The box with more than one thousand and nine hundred pieces features besides the one meter high model, three astronaut micro figures (representing Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong  and Michael Collins), a lunar lander and orbital and also a stand.

Being most of all an exposition model, it is definitely a must have set, in terms of beauty and detail for the Lego space fans. The NASA Apollo Saturn IV should be available next June, with a retail price around the hundred and twenty dollars which is absolutely a very interesting price.Lego-21039-Ideas-NASA-Apollo-Saturn-IV-5Have a look at the press release Continue reading

Lego Ideas – Second 2016 Review Results

Women of NASA has been announced as the Winner of the second 2016 Review stage and, consequently, will be one of the next production sets which is remarkable, according that it makes part of a huge list of projects that includes another eleven awesome models.

The set, a tribute to the ladies, includes five female mini-figures (Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson, Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roman and Mae Jemison) and in addition also a Hubble Space telescope, several scientific instruments and a small Space Shuttle with an external tank and rocket

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