Lego Ideas Voltron was finally announced

Lego has just unveiled the official pictures of the newest Lego Ideas set, Voltron – Defender of the Universe (21311) . And it’s not just another new set, it’s just the biggest Ideas project that has ever produced, measuring 40 cm high and featuring more than two thousand and three hundred pieces.

Voltron looks outstanding with lots of different colors, features and of course a huge size. The mech can also be transformed into five different lions (or vice-versa) and as an addition, there are also a big sword and a shield that can be attached to Voltron’s heads which looks absolutely great.

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Lego 21314 – Tron: Legacy was officially unveiled

The new Lego Ideas set, Tron: Legacy was finally revealed by Lego. The new set has exactly two hundred and thirty pieces and features two light cycles – a sort of high speed bikes, a grid base to recreate some movie scenes and three mini-figures (Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler) with the usual assorted accessories.

The Light cycles look absolutely futuristic and the only difference between them is the color. Both have extra large wheels and a nice and sturdy base, the piloting position is just perfect and at the back there’s a clip that holds a beautiful and unusual light, or according to Lego a power stream effect.

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Lego Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) officially revealed

The next Lego Ideas set, Ship in a Bottle, was finally unveiled and will be available on stores next month. The set will be slightly smaller than the original project with exactly nine hundred and sixty two pieces and will be definitely a must have for the Lego fans.

The playability isn’t much but the building experience and beauty are surely on high levels. The transparent bottle is nicely reproduced and well as the brown stand and inside, the ship has for sure some really nice details.

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Lego Ideas – The Lighthouse achieves 10.000 fans

In a time when news about regular sets have slowed down a bit, a pretty interesting ideas project has just achieved 10.000 supporters, joining the pop up book and the boat house dinner, in the third review stage of this year.

The lighthouse is a huge creation with almost two thousands and four hundred pieces and features besides the light tower, a big building built over an island with plenty of different colors and nice details to enjoy.legoi-ideas-lighthouse

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Lego 21310 – The Old Fishing Store has been officially revealed

The new Lego Ideas, the Old Fishing Store has been officially presented. This set is definitely very big, one of the biggest ideas set for sure, featuring two thousand and forty nine pieces and a lot of great elements to enjoy.

As you can see through the set box pictures, which absolutely unusual and beautiful, the old fishing store has a two floor house with a tall tower and a small harbor next to it, four mini-figures, a considerable number of animals (a cat, three seagull and a crab), two boxes with tools and accessories and a lot of seashore elements all around the store.Lego.21310-Old-Fishing-store-ideas-3The building presents Continue reading