New Polybags Found!

Five new Xtra Polybags are now available on retail. At the first glance, they feature some nice and useful accessories that can be used on several themes, namely City, Friends or even Creator for instance.

They don’t have properly a name, but it’s quite simple to identify their subthemes: Food and drink, Bicycles, Traffic, Street and garden. Despite have different pieces counts ( between twenty one and forty six), each one of them should retail around the four bucks, which is a very attractive price to get some extra elements that aren’t very easy to find sometimes.

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Lego 30543 – Christmas Train Polybag

Despite being so simple, this polybag is definitely pretty cute. The new Lego Christmas train brings around seventy pieces and the traditional strong red color, mixed with black, which gives it a very traditional and seasonal look.

In terms of elements, it shows a coal locomotive with a few golden bricks, a gift cart in the middle with two presents and at the back, the passengers’ wagon. No details for now about availability on retail or prices, but until Christmas, there’s plenty of time for that.

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Lego 40305 – Lego Store

A new version of a Lego Store has been discovered on ebay and according to the usual, it will probably be a promotional offer when making a purchase of certain value, or eventually a particular set, on shop@lego or official Lego stores.

The building itself has two floors and looking to the pictures, the set will also bring a couple of mini-figures. Inside there are plenty of small colored details on both levels and if in the ground floor there’s a traditional store with a cash dispenser and some toys to sell, in the upper floor there’s what it seems a small workshop with a workbench and some tools.

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Lego 10261 – Roller Coaster

The moment that a lot of fans were expecting for a long time, has finally arrived. The new Creator Expert Set, the Roller Coaster has finally been revealed, presenting a huge masterpiece with more than four thousand bricks and perhaps one of the most biggest creator sets of all times.

 Built over some large green plates, the set, as you can see, features a roller coaster track with several levels, curves and slopes, two trains, each with three cars, a ticket booth in a corner, a cotton candy cart and eleven mini-figures (a cotton candy vendor, two ride attendants, a couple of grandparents with their granddaughter and five riders), some of them with double printed faces.

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Lego Creator Summer Sets

The day has been particularly rich in terms of news or revelations about the second wave of 2018 Lego sets. Let’s have a look at Creator that has anticipated four new 3×1 sets whose images were release in the French Amazon.

The set list reveals for now the Universe full of Surprises (31077), the Cruise Adventures  (31083), the Pirates Rollercoaster (31084) and finally the Stunt Truck Transporter (31085), four medium size sets with prices between the forty and one hundred bucks.

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