Lego 31066 – Space Shuttle Explorer

Here is another new great Creator set! The new Space Shuttle Explorer is a 3in1 box with exactly two hundred and eighty five pieces that features a reasonably detailed space shuttle with some nice elements to enjoy and a single astronaut with accessories. The other two building options are a small space station and a lunar vehicle

Considering the main option, I think that the shuttle looks absolutely fantastic. The traditional shapes are all there, the color scheme is also respected and best of all, it is all built with small pieces, which is excellent in terms of building experience.Lego-31066-Space-Shuttle-Explorer-creator

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Lego 31067 – Poolside Holiday

The Poolside Holiday is a new Creator set that will be available next June. This 3 in 1 Building option box features a small house with a garden and a nice pool, an interesting and unusual ping pong table and two mini-figures (a young couple ) with a few accessories (a red guitar, a skate and a couple of rackets).

The house is small but looks rather pretty at the first glance. With a good color combination and a nice balcony on the roof, the guys have also in this area a grill and some prepared meat to enjoy a great meal. Nearby, there is also a chimney which might give the idea of a fireplace in the interior (the available image is not clear at that point).Lego-31067-Poolside-Holiday-creator

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Lego 2017 Seasonal Halloween Set– The First Picture

2017 has just started and the first picture of the next Halloween set is already surfing in the internet, taken from the back of an instructions booklet. And looking to the image, the set definitely smashes with some pretty nice details.

Featuring a big black gate with some flames and a pumpkin that presumably is the entry of a haunted house, the picture shows also a couple of mini-figures (a skeleton and a Butler??) and a few additional accessories namely a cauldron with plenty of stuff inside , a couple of glasses, a cat and globally a mysterious atmosphere!lego-seasonal-halloween-2017

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Lego Summer Sets – The First Rumors

In the last hours, a few rumors have been surfing in the internet with the names and numbers of some of new Summer sets. The list includes City, Creator, Star Wars, The Batman Movie and Nexo Knights among others.

The set list is quite long and I’m not going to talk about all in detail but I must say that I’m quite excited about the possibility of having a Jungle subtheme in City as well as a BUS station. On the other, hand themes like Star Wars or Friends don’t appear to be complete, but I’m sure that soon we’ll hear and see some more about

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Lego 40236 – Seasonal Romantic Valentine Picnic

Lego has just unveiled a new seasonal set, the Romantic Valentine Picnic, a small set with only hundred and twenty six pieces but with an incredible number of accessories to enjoy, a blooming tree  and two mini-figures (a boy and a girl) nicely accurate.

In terms of accessories it is possible to find  in the box, a heart-shaped lawn, a bouquet of flowers, a red balloon and also a picnic blanket, a couple of sandwiches, some cakes, a table, two glasses and a bottle. Not bad at all for such a small

With lots of different colors and Continue reading