Lego Creator Summer Sets

The day has been particularly rich in terms of news or revelations about the second wave of 2018 Lego sets. Let’s have a look at Creator that has anticipated four new 3×1 sets whose images were release in the French Amazon.

The set list reveals for now the Universe full of Surprises (31077), the Cruise Adventures  (31083), the Pirates Rollercoaster (31084) and finally the Stunt Truck Transporter (31085), four medium size sets with prices between the forty and one hundred bucks.

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Lego 31079 – Sunshine Surfer Van

The Sunshine Surfer Van is a new Creator set that is available on retail since the beginning of this year. This 3in1 set features exactly three hundred and seventy nine pieces and shows three great building options, where the yellow clearly dominates, to spend some really nice hours of fun.

The Van looks definitely pretty cool and with some nice details to enjoy. The straight lines help to maximize the space and inside there is room for almost everything. At the front, the cab is large enough to carry two decent seats for the couple of figures and the traditional steering wheel.

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Lego 31074 – Rocket Rally Car

The Rocket Rally Car is a 3×1 Creator set that has recently hit stores. It contains two hundred and forty one pieces and presents three different building options: the rocket rally car as the main vehicle, an interesting jet truck and a third one, a sturdy ATV.

The Rocket Rally car looks absolutely cool! With a nice color scheme, low profile wheels and lots of nice little details, it show at the front a big engine with an extra air entrance and a big cockpit with two seats which is rare in these small/medium size cars .

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Lego 40197 – Wedding Set

A re release of the 2016 seasonal set, Wedding Favor Set (, has just started surfing in the web. The new Wedding set (40197) features a hundred a thirty two pieces, a bit more than the previous model, and features the grooms, perfectly dressed, a nice arch of the altar with some great details, a path with flowers and the usual accessories: a lot of different hairstyles and the bouquet for the bride.

There’s no information for now about availability on stores but I’m sure than soon we’ll hear some more about it. The set should presumably retail around the ten dollars.

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Lego 40290 – 60 Years of Lego Brick

Lego has just unveiled the next promotional set, 60 Years of Lego Brick. As you can see, the box will contain four miniatures of older iconic sets, namely the Black Seas Barracuda (6285), the Airport Shuttle (6399), the Castle (375), and finally the Space Cruiser and Moonbase (928).

According to the January Store Calendar, the set, that will contain four hundred and twenty one pieces, will be available in a short period (between January 28th and February 14th ) with purchases over $125 and presumably in Europe of 125€ or more.

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