New Lego City Trains Revealed

A couple of official pictures of the new city trains have finally been revealed, showing the new passenger train (60197) as well as the new cargo train (60198). If the passenger’s set didn’t excite me too much for several reasons, I must say that the new cargo train left me quite curious and anxious to put my hands on it!

The passenger train will bring around seven hundred bricks and will feature also the usual small station, a light sign as well as four mini-figures. The cargo train is considerably bigger with more than a thousand and two hundred pieces and will also present a cargo truck, five mini-figures, a forklift and a new control tower. And, of course, plenty of new details and feature to enjoy, namely the new wagon with a crane!

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Lego 60200 – Capital

What a nice surprise! In addition to some must have sets such as the City Square (60097) or Town Square (60026), official pictures of a new city set, Capital, have been revealed, showing a new set full of action, buildings, vehicles, a bunch of mini-figures and much more.

Be prepared because the list is quite extensive: a beautiful hotel, a full glass building, a bus stop with a hotdog stand, a skate park, a red bus with a second panoramic floor, a crane vehicle to help with the bigger parts of the convention building, an ice-cream selling tricycle, a police bike, an electric vehicle and a nice blue coupe. That definitely a lot!

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Lego 60202 – Minifigures Pack: Outdoor Adventures

In addition to the Fun in the park (60134) and Fun at the Beach (60157), in next Summer there will be a new City mini-figures pack, this time with plenty of stuff about outdoor adventures. The set seems slightly smaller in terms of piece count and I would say that it won’t pass the hundred and fifty bricks.

Despite its size, it seems particularly attractive, featuring fourteen characters including a couple of Hikers, a Bike rider, three citizens, a couple of campers, two rafters and a family with two kids. Obviously, all of them will bring the traditional accessories to play with.

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Lego 60134 – Fun in the Park

Here is another set that I won’t miss next June. Usually there aren’t many city sets like this one with lots of figures and accessories and this one features a lot of elements that will be a great addition for any town. The exact piece count of the new Fun in the Park is not known yet but it shows an extensive list of things.

Take not: a picnic table, a park swing, a hot dog cart, a football goal, a bench, two trees, a small fence, a road sign, and fourteen mini-figures that include among others a hot dog seller, five kids, a father with his baby, a cyclist and a young boy in a wheel chair, a mini-figure that was quite mentioned in the last

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Lego 40106 – Elves Workshop

The Elves workshop is a small seasonal set that will be available shortly at shop@lego and Lego Stores but only as an offer for purchases of ninety nine dollars or more. And definitely it’s a pity because, I don’t have a Lego store nearby and the small workshop would certainly be a nice addition to my small town.

With hundred and seven pieces, it features a nice workshop with plenty of little details, two elves, lots of small tool and accessories (the mechanics in the garage will certainly be jealous of such a huge quantity of tools) and a few small toys made by them such as a green locomotive, a yellow bulldozer and even a small nutcracker.

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