Lego City 3366 – Satellite Launch Pad

The Satellite Launch Pad is a 2011’s set. It has a Lunar Van to carry a computer, a crew mini-figure, a small satellite and a rocket with a launcher. This set has plenty of playability potential because not only can combine with other space sets but also because the van interacts very well with other city sets.

The Van is not very big and has an ordinary structure with the particularity of the cabin has access to the rear part. The roof can be easily removed has as an unusual support: a common fitting yellow piece causes that the roof don’t fall. Besides that, it has the usual, a seat, a wheel and two red doors. Continue reading

Lego Galaxy Squad – A New Space Subtheme in 2013

Looks like that the Galaxy Squad, a new sub-theme of space, has been, finally, revealed. There aren´t many pictures or even details but through a couple of pictures we can have an idea of what is coming up next. The sets will only be released next year and until know six are already known, at least their names.

Through the pictures, we can see that some monster, figures, insects, or whatever you want to call them are inspired in the old ninety’s theme, the Insectoids which as some of you might remember was a theme with pretty much success.  We can at least, count not only with great mini-figures as well as with big insects....Continue Reading...

Lego City 3367 – Space Shuttle

This space shuttle above everything is very realistic. Its design and some exterior details are definitely very good. The cockpit, the powerful engines, the big rear wings flaps and the slopping down position are the most visible aspects. Unfortunately, this set has only one mini-figure. I guess a second pilot would fit perfectly (not only in terms of playability but also according to the set’s price).

However, the interior could be better. Starting by the cockpit, it could be bigger in order to have a second pilot (many previous sets have it), and it could have more instruments, specially one or two piloting commands. Of course, the good old one red cup had to be present. I wonder what happens to the liquid in the space… In terms of playability the cockpit can be accessed removing the single front piece. Continue reading

Lego city 3365 – Space Moon Buggy

A lot of memories come to my mind when I look at this Buggy. Many hours I spent with the old 80’s space sets. One thing even better than nowadays, is the scenarios that were printed the boxes. In those days, for a child, looking at it was almost magic. Looking at this set, besides the technical differences, there is one thing markedly different: the grey color gave place to the red and white.

The set is very easy and fast to build (it has less than forty pieces), the mini-figure has a space suite and it is an added value to any mini-figures collection even if you have more astronauts. Along with the mini-figure there is also an astronaut suite with a golden helmet and an oxygen supply. Continue reading

Lego City 3368 – Space Center

The Space Center is a 2011’ set with lots of interesting features and enormous playability. It has a big launching platform with lots of accessories, a solid rocket and its carrier, a command center, a satellite ready to be launched, a mini car and four mini figures: two astronauts, a controller and an operational technique.

The rockets carrier is quickly built. A few big pieces in the beginning give this part a robust and strong look. In the edges, four wheel mechanisms guarantee the delicate operation that consists on putting the rocket in the right place. In the middle an attaching mechanism is responsible for the rocker immobilization. Below the structure, two yellow pieces will fit other two in the platform structure.

Continue reading