Lego City 4202 – Mining Truck Preview

The Mining truck is everything except a city truck. It is big big big, very big. I guess it can be easily confused with some creator or Technique Set. It is fourteen dots wide which is absolutely abnormal in city sets. If you take a look at a picture you will notice that it is more than twice the high of the mini-figure (By the way, it is a miner as it would be expected).

Its wheels are higher than the miner and this fellow whenever wants to reach the cabin, he has to climb a ladder that is in the front of the truck. The cabin curiously has the size of an average city vehicle: four dots wide. A wheel and a chair are present (where is the old good red cop of coffee?) and the cabin is basically composed by glass.Next to the cabin, there is room for some tools and accessories that are also in other mining sets: Continue reading

Lego City 4200: Mining 4X4 – Preview

The Mining 4×4 will be in the market next summer and will be a nice acquisition not only for the mine (4204) but also to any town. It has a mini-figure, a miner, with a nice and unusual heat, and lots of tools and accessories. In terms of playability, it has plenty of features not only for the mine, but to play with it as a car. Children will love it.

This 4X4 has an ordinary structure with a raised chassis, typical of these cars. I haven’t built it yet but I bet that it will have some minor pieces of different colors on the interior which is a Lego’s tendency and I think that this won’t be different. The front is more aerodynamic than usual, and has a red bar that intends to protect the engine as well as it will be a help in case of being towed.The cabin is similar to many other city vehicles; it has a steering wheel, two side doors but apparently does not have a seat for the driver. Continue reading

Lego City 4201: Loader and Tipper – Preview

This set will be released in 2012’s second half (probably August) and will surely be a good set to integrate in the mining environment. Two miners with unusual clothes and heats, two small vehicles, almost one hundred and forty pieces and some tools and accessories for about 18 dollars look like a good deal.

The Tipper is small but is the kind of vehicle that looks like it can pass through every kind of obstacle because its wheels are enormous compared to the average vehicle’s size. The cabin is all made of glass (the windshield is longer than usual) and the only way to access it is by removing the roof.Apparently the tipper’s mechanism is simple and a couple of technique pieces are enough to ensure it. Continue reading

Lego City 4204 The Mine – Preview

The Mine is a set that will be released in the second half of 2012.  This will be perhaps the biggest city’s set released this year because it will have almost seven hundred and fifty pieces, four or maybe five mini-figures and plenty of playability. The several photos available in the web show plenty of features as well as a huge diversity of vehicles.

Starting by the vehicles, this set has a green tipper truck with a big trailer, a drilling machine that will wear the rocks, a train with a small wagon that will transport the rubbish and the big stones out of the mine and a small wheelbarrow. But the fun doesn’t end here because, besides them, there is a crain that will deliver all the gold and ore on the trailer’s truck. The yellow train is small but quite, its wheels are really small and the wagon is able to transport a good quantity of gold. Continue reading