Lego 60204 – The new City Hospital has been revealed

The new City Hospital that will be available next Summer has just been unveiled.  And what a great addition this is! The Hospital are perhaps one the models that aren’t so often substituted (the last one, 4429, has already six years), and it’s absolutely a great opportunity to get such an important building.

The exact piece count is not known it (it’s not difficult to imagine a few hundred bricks…) but it’s already possible to see that it will present, besides the hospital, an ambulance, a small helicopter and eleven mini-figures (that will include doctors, patients, fire-men and a few more) with a bunch of additional accessories.

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Lego 60179 – Ambulance Helicopter

The Ambulance Helicopter is one of the new 2018 City sets that were unveiled last week end and definitely one of my favorites until the moment. It’s not very big, a bit less than two hundred pieces and besides the yellow heli, it features also three nice and colored mini-figures (the pilot, a doctor and an injured snowboarder) with assorted accessories.

I really like this snow heli, starting by its color scheme! This yellow and red combination looks really good indeed. In terms of global structure, it has some known shapes such as the nose but there are surely some great new details to enjoy.

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Lego 7903 – Rescue Helicopter

Seven years have passed since this model was launched but globally it’s still actual and when side by side with some newer models I would say that it competently passes the test. The Rescue Helicopter is the most recent addition to my Fire Station and gladly came to my hands thanks to my Brother in Law who gently gave it to me.

This 2006 model has around two hundred and fifty pieces, which includes three mini-figures (two paramedics and a survivor) and at the first glance this helicopter, when completely built, is much bigger than the pictures (especially the officials) might suggest.

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Lego 7890 – Ambulance

This isn’t properly a new set, it is not even the beauty top, but for me it is special because it was my first ambulance which gladly joined my favorite fire headquarters, the 2007 model, Lego 7945. Don’t even try to compare it to the newest model, the 4431, because I guess that the only thing in common is the four wheels.

The vehicle isn’t big, fair away from that, it has a bit more than hundred pieces and it’s extremely easy to build. The set brings also a mini-figure (a paramedic) , an Oxygen tank and a heart rate machine. The only issue is definitely the lack of a second mini-figure that could be for instance a sick passenger.

In terms of features it has the basic of a medic vehicle, Continue reading

Lego 60023 – Starter Set

The Starter Set is another city set that will be on stores next summer and with it a great concept for those who know are now getting in touch with the city sets or even with Lego, or for those that in a generic way want to add some new city vehicles of different sub themes without having to spend much money.

This set has two hundred and seventy two pieces, five (!!) mini-figures (which are a fireman, a paramedic, a police officer, a kid with a little skate and a robber), and three vehicles: a small ambulance, a fire emergency vehicles (these two vehicles look twins…) and an ordinary police motorbike.

As you can see through the set box, three playable scenarios are here Continue reading