Lego City 4645 – Harbour

This set is not bad but could be much better in my opinion. Comparing it with the 2007’s harbour (7994) or even the older 6542, I have the sensation that not only there is nothing new but something in this set’s theme is gone. Starting by the mini-figures, only four, which is surprisingly low at this price range.

Comparing with the older one, it looses in number of vehicles and playability features, and when I look to the 7994, immediately I see that the grandiosity is gone, especially when we focus on the boat and in the crane’s tower. To be fair, the harbour’s building is bigger is this new one but it has a naked structure (makes me remind some building parts of the fire station, 7945. And of course, it has the rolling conveyor. Continue reading

Lego City 4642 – Fishing Boat

The fishing boat called Annabell (worst name was difficult…) is a 2011 set with two mini figures (basically two civilians), plenty of stickers and a shark. The boat structure is a single block that gives the boat a solid look. Besides that, it has a nice design with some interesting features in terms of playability, although, putting it on the water might not be a good idea. The boat floats quite well but doesn’t have much balance.

First of all, it has the same size of the Lego 4643’s boat which means that it can also be transported by its truck (of you own the set, of course). It has two floors, the sea floor is where the cockpit structure is based. Bellow, there is a store zone where normally I put the shark in order to don’t loose it. If the shark is in the water the seat built at the rear can be moved to this area in case of storm. Continue reading

Lego City 4643 – Power Boat Transporter

The Power Boat transport is an added value. It has a truck, a big and long trailer and above it a powerful boat. Two mini figures with the Octan uniform (definitely an aspect that could have been better) are responsible for driving the truck and piloting the boat. A pair of life jackets, helmets and caps make the accessories’ set.

The truck is pretty cool. With straight lines and plenty of windows it has the size of a normal truck. The cabin has the usual: a seat, a steering wheel and a coffee cup. Unfortunately the side doors are missing, but looking at the cabin’s structure that wouldn’t be possible. This truck can tow almost any kind of trailers, which increases the playability in the town. Plenty of sticks and a new generation rear mirrors are also present. Continue reading

Lego 4644 – Marina

The Marina is definitely one of the most colored sets. It brings a lot of playability because:

  • it has a cafe that includes a coffee machine, wall menus and even an outside table to enjoy the view,
  • a lifeguard tower ,
  • a small 4×4 wheeler,
  • 5 mini figures (a diver , a life guard, a wind surfer , a boy and a girl)
  • A windsurfer shop
  • A nice boat with room for two passengers, besides the pilot
  • Two surfing boards
  • Lots of small parts such as flags, life jackets or small lamps
  • The bridge witch is high enough to let pass other boats

On the right side of the marine, there is a two floors building, with a windsurf shop and a cafe – Paradise Cafe – in the first floor. Here, there is also room enough for a small esplanade with two seats. Below in the shop we can find life jackets, surfing and windsurfing boards and a small cash register. Continue reading