Lego City 4437 – Police Pursuite

The Lego 4437 is a good set on two conditions: If you don’t have a forest set and only want a couple of vehicles, or as a complement if you have a forest police station. The set is basically constituted by two vehicles (an off road jeep and a 4×4 motto). two mini figures (a police man and a thief) and a couple of accessories are also available.

The off road vehicle is similar to other set’s vehicles (lego 4438 – Robbers hideout for instance). With a robust look and big wheels, this time it belongs to the thief. Building it you will notice a couple of interior yellow and blue pieces. that have nothing in common with the final look, this looks like a tendency in all 2012 sets. This jeep has also a opening back trunk to transport the stolen money (unfortunately there are only a gold bar and a dollar bill). Continue reading

Lego City 4438 – Robber’s Hideout

The Robber’s hideout is a 2012 forest police set, and is composed by a house built next to a mountain, a robust police jeep, a small moto tricycle, a radical thief car, four mini figures (two rangers and two robbers, one of which misses a couple of teeth and has a helmet and glasses. Finally there’s also a realistic bear and a couple of bushes in the mountain’s hideout.

Like it or not, the house is different from everything. It is almost a hut but it has a garage (what a luxury…). Inside, the hideout has the minimum: only a chair and a coffee cup (where is the LCD??). Outside there is a ramp in the garage’s entrance and a mailbox (?? – thieves have address??). Continue reading

Lego City 4441 – Police Dog Van

Lego 4441 is definitely more than a Police Dog Van. It has also a gold mine entrance (which looks old and closed), a very well design convertible car for the prisoner’s escape, two mini figures (the ordinary prisoner – perhaps it’s time to retire it – and the forest officer), two dogs and a couple of additional tools.

The convertible car design is different from everything, and the final result is excellent. Its building is not much different from other vehicles with the exception of some final pieces that make it unique, particularly the engine hood, the back spoiler and the central bar that protects the cabin. I have only one doubt, if it wouldn’t be even better and realistic with small side doors. Besides that it is aesthetically perfect. Continue reading

Lego City 4436 – Patrol Car

The Lego 4436, Patrol car, is a 2012 city set, and it is composed by a forest police car (or is it a city one??), two mini figures and a forest gate. The two figures are the usual prisoner and the newest forest police officer. This last one can be a good addition to any collection if you don’t have any forest sets.

The gate is not a very common piece which makes it a good added value to this set. It has a warning bear sign (did it have to bring a sticker…) and the forest gate is basically two ramps, one on each side of the bar that are built with a few technical pieces which allows them to move up and down. Continue reading

Lego 4440-1: Forest Police Station

This 2012 set has more than six hundred pieces and is composed by a central headquarter, a small helicopter, a 4X4 motorcycle and a police vehicle. It also brings five figures (two police officers, two prisoners and a heli pilot) and a bear witch is quite perfect. Although it has some interesting features, if you are in a store you will surely think if this is the best Police Station to buy, comparing  for instance with the 7498 – Police station – or even its predecessor the 7744 – Police headquarters – the best Police station set in my humble opinion.

The main building is composed by a small office on the left side, a garage in the middle and a prison on the right side. The office has the usual, a coffee machine and a small desk with a computer. Continue reading