Lego City 2017 – More New Sets

With all the credits going to hothbricks, a few more 2017 City sets have been unveiled. With the exception of a couple of them I must say that this new wave didn’t excite me too much. Too much trailers and too much déjà-vu. However the Pizza Van looks really nice as well as the Sweeper and Excavator.

The nine new sets contain a race plane (60144) a Buggy (60145), a Stunt Truck (60146), the already known fishing Boat (60147), an ATV Race Team (60148), the 4×4 with Catamaran (60149), A Pizza Van (60150), a Dragster Team (60151) and finally a Sweeper and Excavator (60152).lego-city-2017-60144-60145-60146-60147-60148-60149-60150-60151-60152

The sets will be available Continue reading

Lego City 7990 – Cement Mixer

The Cement Mixer is a 2007’s set that still has no substitute. It is a nice city vehicle, especially if you have some building sets that surely deserve the effort to be discovered in the net (the prices look similar to the retail). With more than two hundred pieces and a mini-figure (worker) it is a nice addition to any town.

The truck has two double wheel axes which is unusual but explained by the vehicle’s type of work and the chassis escapes to the traditional structure. This time, the wheel axes are built separately and attach to a long central plate. The cab is also slightly different from the usual because it has not only a steering wheel but also a handle to maneuver the cement mixer.The cab has not been finished yet and the mixing mechanism is already started the building. An unique and very rare piece will be the base ...Continue Reading...

Lego City 4434 – Dump Truck

The Dump truck is a 2012 set and has a very nice and solid design. Its construction is basically divided in three steps: The chassis that has a various quantity of different colored pieces, the cabin which is basically very similar to other models and the tipper bed with a back door in order to unload the stones. The set has also two mini figures, workers, a security barrier, a wheelbarrow and lots of stones.

The chassis has an ordinary structure, typical of this kind of vehicles, and besides the cab’s base, it has also the tipper mechanism to attach the truck’s bed. 2012 has been presenting us with pieces of several colors in the chassis and this one is no exception: blue, light brown, grey, green and red (uuufff…) are apparently abusive but the final result is softer that it would be expectable. Continue reading