Lego 60195 – Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

In a time when hot weather rules, it’s definitely very nice to see some pictures of this new Artic Mobile Exploration Base. It’s the biggest of this city sub theme, presenting almost eight hundred pieces and featuring plenty of orange vehicles,  mini-figures to enjoy and of course the big mammoth.

Among the action, there’s plenty to choose from: A truck with a big saw, a big crane vehicle with a large cabin and six extra-large wheels, ready to surpass any obstacle, a mobile lab with some tools inside and a door for a better access and finally a big snow bike that absolutely looks fast.

Beyond that, there’s Continue reading

Lego 60035 – Arctic Outpost

The Arctic Outpost is a new City set that has recently hit stores. For those who don’t have arguments to reach the bigger Arctic base Camp, this looks a really nice alternative. With a bit less than four hundred pieces it features a powerful truck, the outpost, a nice ATV, three arctic mini-figures and a brown box with assorted accessories.

The orange outpost is built up on a gray structure based on skis that is built mostly with technic bricks. The interior is easily accessed not only by opening the roof but also through the left side wall which opens almost 180 degrees allowing full control of the inside features.

The platform is accessed through a small black ladder Continue reading

Lego 60033 – Arctic Ice Crawler

It’s not big, and despite not being ugly it’s far from being the prettiest, but in such a small size it’s almost impossible to concentrate such a number of interesting features to play with. The set is basically the Ice Crawler and a mini-figure in a total of hundred and thirteen bricks.

The cab isn’t much different from a usual city van, it has a seat for the driver, a centered steering wheel and a couple of orange side doors. However at the front there are lights everywhere. On top, we can see a small bar with two white spot lights and just in front of the hood there four additional, just in case of heavy storm.

The rubber crawlers have Continue reading

Lego 60032 – The Arctic Snowmobile

The Arctic Snowmobile is the entry set of the new city’s sub-theme and perhaps my only arctic acquisition. It’s particularly small with only forty four pieces but it brings a very nice mini-figure and of course the orange snowmobile that includes a small trailer.

The vehicle is built upon a couple of skis at the front which, looking at the picture, seem to move and adapt to the Ice land and snow. Forgetting the skis, the rest of the bike is similar to the quad bikes with the small engine with two lights, at the front and the driver seat (actually the guy only have space to stand) just behind it.

On both sides there is a clip to hold Continue reading

Lego 60064 – Arctic Supply Plane

The last Arctic set has finally been uncovered. This new city subtheme box brings a new orange airplane which through the image seem considerably big, a snow plow vehicle with a small trailer, and at least three arctic mini-figures (the image show only a couple of them, but I guess that the plane doesn’t fly without a pilot…), and lots of tools and accessories for the guys that include a couple of ice rocks.

The plane, generically, is not much different from some other city models, I remember for instance the 2013 cargo plane that uses the same cockpit, however there are some really nice elements that transform it into a unique arctic model such as skis at the front, the color scheme that mixes the orange with the dark grey wings and of course the big wings that are probably one of the widest in city models.

The plane’s body includes Continue reading