Lego 60156 – Jungle Buggy

Here’s a good chance of getting a new City Jungle set without having to spend too much money. The Jungle Buggy is probably the smallest set in this wave, only with fifty three but there it features some nice elements that surely worth the money.

The box as you can see includes A Jungle Buggy with a different design, a mini-figure (a jungle explorer) with a couple of accessories, a spider and a totem with a precious stone and some bushes nearby.Lego-60156-Jungle-Buggy-city

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Lego 60165 – 4×4 Response Unit

The 4×4 Response Unit is a new City set with three hundred and forty seven pieces that will shortly be available on retail and just like the rest of the Coast Guard family, it has everything to be a great success.

As you can see in the picture, the box features a sturdy 4×4 vehicle with a trailer, a rescue boat with plenty of accessories inside, a small boat in flames, a signaling buoy, a red octopus to complete the scenario and three mini-figures (two coast guards and the guy from the boat) with additional at the 4×4, Continue reading

Lego 60613 – Coast Guard Starter Set

The Coast Guard starter set is the entry set of the new Lego City subtheme, and a great opportunity to get some additional or occasional Coast guard material, without having to spend too much money.

This small set has only seventy six pieces and features a beach surveillance car, a watch tower with a yellow buoy, three mini-figures (a couple of coast guards and a surfer in trouble in the sea) with plenty of accessories (a surf board, a rescue board, a couple of walkie-talkies,  binoculars) and finally a deadly

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Lego 60159 – Jungle Halftrack Mission

Here is a set from a new City Subtheme, the Jungle, that will be available on June, the Jungle Halftrack mission. With yellow vehicles, plenty of vegetation and new mini-figures, I think that it will surely have everything to be a success.

This set, particularly, has exactly three hundred and seventy eight pieces and features two Jungle vehicles (a truck with Rubber Tracks  and a sort of ATV), perfect for this environment, a couple of mini-figures, a black panther and finally a totem with a precious jewel that somehow will be taken by the

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Lego 60164 – Sea Rescue Plane

The Sea Rescue Plane is a new Coast Guard set that will be available on stores next June. With only hundred and forty one pieces, this small set provides a sea plane with the traditional coast guard color scheme, a rescue jet ski, a yellow inflatable buoy and three mini-figures (a couple of coast guard officers and the shipwrecked),

In the first look, I must say that I’m quite impressed that such a small piece count is enough to build all these elements. The plane looks reasonably big and in addition the buoy and the jetski aren’t very small

The focus goes Continue reading