Lego 40253 – Christmas Build-Up

A new Christmas Build Up set, similar to the 40222 released last year, has been seen in an Italian Lego calendar. The box features around two hundred and fifty pieces and allows building twenty four different mini elements, even though they cannot all be built at the same time.

Even that the image isn’t clear, it’s not hard to imagine some of those models: a Christmas tree, a Santa, a small locomotive or even a fire hood will certainly be in the list. The set, in Italy, will be available nearly a month, with purchases over 65 Euros, starting October 22th to November 20th.Lego-40253-Christmas-Build-Up-seasonal

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Lego 40262 – Seasonal Christmas Set

A picture with a second seasonal Christmas set has been unveiled. The image shows a bigger box (comparing with the town square) containing one hundred and sixty nine pieces and some really nice Christmas elements to enjoy.

As you can see through the picture, the set contains a small Christmas train with a red locomotive and a couple of green carriages, a street lamp, a couple of stalls with colored decorations a table with included seats and three mini-figures: a girls, the train driver and a boy for the bakery

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Lego 40263 – Christmas Town Square

A picture of the new Christmas Town Square, a seasonal set that will be available in the end of the year, has been published on eurobricks and despite its low quality , it’s is possible to observe all the major elements that make part of it.

The set includes a Christmas tree, surrounded by a golden fence with some Christmas decoration, a mail box with a street lamp nearby, a snowman, a small stand, a couple of kids and a girl with a kart full of Christmas gifts. In terms of mini-figures santa is definitely missing and is perhaps my only con…Lego-40263-Christmas-Town-Square-seasonal

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Lego Seasonal Snow Globe (40223)

After the awesome holiday train set that will be shortly available, here is another Seasonal Holiday set, the Snowglobe (40223). With the usual shapes of an ordinary snow globe and plenty of different colors, it features a small storage compartment in the base and a globe with Santa and a Christmas tree inside.

Unfortunately, this will be a limited edition set and will be available only at Shop@Home and Lego stores, as a gift for purchases of ninety nine dollars or more between November 25 and 28th, in the long Brick Black

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A couple of new Lego Seasonal sets

A couple of new seasonal sets are now available in Lego Stores. The first one, a Santa set brings a couple of mini-figures, Santa and a child, and a few additional accessories such as the bag, the gift and a small train. The tree that is on the cardboard would certainly be welcome!

The second one is a Halloween set that brings Lord Vampire, together with a red spider and a black casket .Despite the beauty of the pictures, basically for me they’re just mini-figures with a couple of interesting details. Eight bucks seem also a bit heavy considering that there’s nothing much besides the mini-figs.Have a look Continue reading