Lego 70404 – Kings’ Castle

The Kings Castle is a new set of the revisited Castle theme and will be available on the second wave of releases, next summer (this one is planned for August). From the available pictures, taken on the last Toy fair and also through the set box, we can see that we’re surely in presence of a terrific building not only in terms of beauty but most of all in terms of features.

The castle is a square building, with walls all around and it’s built separately, over a few green plates and then attached in the end. If you have for instance the monster fighter’s vampire castle, you’ll notice some similarities in terms of building techniques. The color combination looks good with several brown shades and brown representing the wood materials, however looking at the pictures I must say that I don’t like much those little blue pieces at the edges, all over the castle. I surely hope to change my opinion when I see it alive.

Talking about the mini-figures they look excellent and at the moment, Continue reading

Lego Castle 2013

Many of you surely sure miss this theme which has been released in 1975 for the first time and unfortunately last year only had a new set, despite of some other 2010 and 2011 sets, such as the Mill Village Ride or even the King’s Castle are still on the market.

According to some rumors in the internet, at least five new sets are planned to be out next summer. It’s a pity that August is very far but that’s surely better than nothing. The list below gives us some clues but unfortunately that’s surely not enough. I’m quite hopeful that Kings Castle will be amazing but for now it’s just a hint.

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Lego Castle 10223 – Kingdoms Joust

The kingdoms Joust is, at the moment, the only released set of the Castle’s theme but at the same time it is one of the biggest of the year with almost one thousand and six hundred pieces. Besides the tremendous towers and everything around, the set has also nine!!! mini-figures and a couple of war horses.

Building it takes some time but it is surely a nice challenge. Normally I write some notes about it but this time I will only talk about the final product which is definitely huge. If you like the theme, it is a tremendous addition because its features and accessories are endless and it surely a magnifier building to add to the camp..My favorite parts are the gates with the passage above it, and of course the towers. Continue reading