Lego 10655 – Monster Trucks

Here is a nice option for the kids to enter in the big world of Lego. The Lego 10655, Monster Trucks is a new basic set with exactly one hundred and ninety seven pieces that include three mini-figures (a police officer, a mechanic and a pilot) and a bunch of different building options, especially in terms of vehicles.

The standard option show us three nice monster trucks models: a green tow truck with a big air entrance at the front, a flat windshield and a nice winch at the back, capable of pulling all the other vehicles and a police truck with the typical blue shades and two black flags just behind the driver’s seat.

There is also a nice red racing truck Continue reading

Lego 4635 – Fun With Vehicles

This set is surely one of the best of this theme. With more than five hundred pieces, it combines versatility of the proposed ideas in the manual instructions, creativity by the fact that with such a bunch of different pieces it is rather interesting and motivating to build new models and best of all it’s with this kind of sets that kids really start to learn the true meaning of building Lego.

This brick set proposes simple but interesting models besides the always useful mini-figures (two in this case):  for instance there is a nice tow truck, not as small as I would expect in this set, it is six dots width, that is the same of the average city trucks, its wheels are even bigger than the average size and at the back it has a nice winch the competently tows small vehicles.The set is basically composed by vehicles: the small blue jeep Continue reading

Lego 5508 – Deluxe Brick Box

These kinds of sets have, in my opinion a huge quantity of virtues. First it is with them that the kids have the true sensation of what Lego surely are because no matter how is the model that they are building, they will do it piece by piece. Unfortunately nowadays sets use and abuse of the long and unique pieces.

Second, ever more, it’s with this kind of sets that they really create new buildings. At the end they might be slightly strange or ugly but they surely are a real creation, and definitely their brains have been stimulated. With standard sets with detailed instructions it’s almost impossible to build anything beyond the original model.On the other hand with such a variety of bricks, colors and shapes, Continue reading