Lego Summer Bionicle Sets – Official Pictures

As summer is getting closer, pictures and details of the new Lego sets are gradually being published on internet. This turn, is time for Bionicle that finally is surfing on internet  with official images and descriptions of the figures that will shortly hit stores.

The sets are: Ekimu the Mask Maker (71312), Lava Beast  (71313), Storm Beast (71314), Quake Beast  (71315) and Umarak the Destroyer (71316) and some of them are slightly bigger than others which will put them with a retail price between fifteen and twenty five

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London Toy Fair 2016 First Round Up

London Toy fair has begun yesterday and in a short time, plenty of initial details about the summer wave have been surfing in the internet. Unfortunately looks like that photos aren’t allowed inside the event but at least there is some goof information about names and prices. And it seems that, despite the set lists aren’t complete, in most of the cases, the past rumors were right!

City for instance will show two new subthemes, the airport and a Volcano Exploration which I think that will be awesome, and others will continue to present a nice and long new collection like for instance friends or Star

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Lego 2016 Bionicle – New Set Images Available

Time for Bionicle! At least twelve new Mechs will make part of the new Bionicle wave that will soon arrive to stores. My thoughts about these guys are always the same but I’m sure that there a lot of fans quite anxious for them.

There will be two different size sets, the most part will have a bit less that hundred pieces, and the bigger will feature around hundred and fifty, that will put them in a price range between fifteen and twenty five a close look at Continue reading

Lego Bionicle 2015 – The First Sets Images

Just like Lego Movie, new images of the next Bionicle sets have been surfing in the internet in the past hours. I’m not an enthusiastic fan of these guys (just like I wasn’t about Hero Factory) however, it seems that there’s a lot of action coming up in the end of this year.

The set range at this time is not complete so it’s very likely that we can see some new mechs in a short time. Almost all of these guys bring less than hundred pieces with the exception of one that features almost hundred and fifty, which suggests two different set prices, probably around ten and fifteen bucks.

Have a look at them and enjoy:

Lego officially revealed BIONICLE for 2015

Bionicle is officially announced as a new 2015 theme, after five years of stop. There were already some consistent rumors since a few weeks ago but what has started this week as a possible accident, ended gladly with the Lego confirmation, for the happiness of all the Bionicle Fans.

The set list, as you can see below, show a huge list with thirteen sets with prices between ten and twenty dollars. There are no images for now but the expectation is that they will be presented in the upcoming New York Comic Con, next October.

Have a look at the set list: