Lego City – The Arctic Expedition Official Theme

The new city subtheme, the Arctic Expedition has also some great unveiled news, presenting seven new sets of different sizes, being the smallest the Ice Glider (60190), an entry box with only fifty pieces and the biggest, the Arctic Supply Aircraft (60196).

All sets show the same predominant orange color and a big dose of playability but I must say that the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base (60195) and the Supply Aircraft (60196) look awesome, especially the first one that beyond all the great vehicles has also a Mammoth figure.

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Disney Sets – The Official Pictures

Looks like the news are in pairs today. Disney has also unveiled two new sets but not as big as Elves or Architecture of the previous posts. The two new are Rapunzel’s Castle Bedroom (41156) and Rapunzel’s Travelling Caravan (41157).

The Castle Bedroom is the smallest with hundred and fifty six pieces and shows all the details and features to play with of Rapunzel bedroom. The second, the Travelling Caravan, presents a beautiful caravan, pulled by a white pony and two mini-dolls with the usual bunch of accessories.

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Elves Official Pictures

Just like Architecture, the Elves have also two great news for the girls, presenting two great sets filled with color, beauty and playability. The sets are Emily & Noctura’s Showdown (41195) and The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack (41196).

The first one features a magic black carriage, a white animal and a couple of mini-dolls (Emily Jones and Noctura. The second one is bigger and presents a beautiful house with plenty of accessories, a big bat and three mini-dolls . Both sets will be available next August.

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Lego Architecture – Official Images of Summer Sets

The Weekend has been quite rich in terms of revelations about new summer sets. Let’s have a look this time at the Architecture theme which presents for now two new Models: The Great Wall of China (21041) and the Statue of Liberty (21042).

Both models need no kind of presentations and in terms of size we are in presence of two big sets: the first one will have five hundred and fifty pieces and the second, around one thousand and seven hundred bricks. Both sets will be available next summer with prices around, respectively, the sixty and hundred and ten bucks.

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DC Super Heroes Summer Sets

In terms of Summer Super Heroes sets, the news aren’t as much as in other themes, presenting for now only two new Batman sets: The attack of the Talons (76110) and the Brother Eye Take down (76111).

The first one features a great Bat Vehicle with nice details and four figures including a bat dog and second one, slightly bigger presents a bat aircraft, the Flying Eye with plenty of antennas and three mini-figures. Both sets will be available only next summer.

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