Lego Minecraft 2018 – The First Pictures

Seven new sets will make part of the next Minecraft wave.  Personally, I don’t play Minecraft, so the sets aren’t particularly appealing to me, but I’m sure that there are a lot of fans that just can’t wait for them.

The buildings have clearly different sizes but one thing in common, all of them have plenty of color and another point is for sure, this theme is getting bigger and bigger! The new wave will presumably be available on retail in the first month of 2018.

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Lego Batman Movie 2018 Set Images – Updated with Set Boxes

Pictures of five new Lego Batman Movie set have been unveiled and globally I must say that the fans will absolutely be delighted with all of them. Most of them are small size sets, with the exception of the Bat Space Shuttle, which will certainly cost a bit more than the others.

My favorite is precisely this one, a black space ship with awesome details, five mini-figures and an extraordinary look. However I suspect that the Egg Mech will also be an enormous success. The sets will presumably be available on retail next January.

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Lego Architecture (21039) Shangai SkyLine Officially Revealed

The new Architecture set, Shangai has been officially unveiled. With almost six hundred pieces the set contain five buildings of different sizes. From left to right: Longhua Temple, the Bund waterfront area with the Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World just behind, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and finally the Center Building.

According to the Shangai Lego store, the set will be available in their shelves next December 2nd and in the beginning of January on General retail. Can’t wait to see more pics as well as a few more Architecture sets!

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Lego Ninjago 2018 – The First Images

Just as 2018 gets closer, all the sets that will make part of the first wave will sooner or later be unveiled. And Ninjago, Master of Spinjitzu is no exception, showing six new releases, including the biggest of all, the Temple of Resurrection, a huge building with lots of interesting details and seven mini-figures.

The other five boxes are small/medium size sets with usual Ninjago vehicles, accurate mini-figures and lots of action. A final word, before the images, to the box art design, the backgrounds are simply awesome, transforming the sets to an even better look.The sets should be available on shelves next January. Have a Continue reading

Lego City 2018 – More Sets

Here we go for some more City sets! Eleven new boxes have been revealed, showing a few more addition to the great vehicles subtheme, some new Mountain Police boxes and what it seems the return of the Mining subtheme with four pretty interesting sets.

At the first glance, it’s impossible not to look to the Mountain Police Headquarters that shows, among lots of great features, some unusual cages for animals but I must say that the mining sets are also really nice with plenty of great machines, action and playability. As it concerns to the other two high speed vehicles, they didn’t impress me too much.

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