An overview about the sets on sale in 2013

Yesterday, an Italian Lego catalog has been uncovered on Brickset and I found it extremely interesting because it shows not only the first wave of the new 2013 sets but also those that were launched on previous years and will remain on sale. Themes such as the Lone Ranger or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not covered yet.

The city theme keeps a bunch of known sub-themes such as the forest police, the space, the forest firemen, the mine and even the “old” passenger and cargo trains. As it concerns to new sets, it is already possible to have a look at almost all the new police and fire sets. Still about city two questions crossed my mind. First where is the car parking 4207 and wasn’t the train station 7937 out of the market?

The catalog, that can be downloaded here, shows that Galaxy Squad will be available only next march, the Hero factory Robots are still alive and the second wave of Friends Polybags is almost here. Finally, the videogames aren’t forgotten and there is room to present four, namely the Lord of The Rings, the Star Wars III, The Batman 2 and the new City Undercover.

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