A Space Shuttle made of Lego flew to Space

Lego has no limits, check this one: a Romanian Physicist, Raul Oaida and Steve Sammartino have decided to launch a space shuttle built with Lego Pieces, to space. In order to capture all the details, they have engaged a video camera. The launch took place on the last 31st of December.

The ship flew until thirty five kilometers of altitude and filmed the earth up from the skies. To do that experience, they had to get aerial traffic permission in Germany, the only country that was willing to accept it.

Lego Space Shuttle

The shuttle was recovered, after the flight, at a distance more than two hundred and forty kilometers from the place that it had been launched, through a GPS, in a remote area. A 1.6 meteo balloon filled with helium was used the help the lego city 3367 Space Shuttle to do the job. Raul Oaida said: “This mission was the tribute to the end of space shuttles. Although out of duty, this equipment can still fly even if it is only a toy”.

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