A new Lego Maersk Ship and a Parisian Restaurant in 2014

GRogall in Eurobricks has done it again, this time with two great news: there will be a new Maersk Ship next year (Lego 10241) and a new Modular Building, a Parisian Restaurant. For now there aren’t many details about them with the exception that the new ship will have a retail price around the hundred and thirty dollars.

Rumors talk about the possibility of this huge model might be inspired on the new Triple E cargo ship, the world’s largest monster with a capacity around the eight thousand tons, which definitely would be outstanding. On the other hand the Parisian Restaurant will be one (I hope…) of the 2014 modular buildings and with it I’m sure that we will see a great set with lots of beauty and subtlety.

Definitely I’m quite anxious to hear about new details about them so as soon as some additional news surf the net, I will post them here as quickly as possible.

2 thoughts on “A new Lego Maersk Ship and a Parisian Restaurant in 2014

  1. Hi, I’ve just bought the triple e and it’s amazing!! Trouble is I’d now like to build it double or triple the size? Any ideas how to do this, what I’d need and how much this may cost!? As a 30year old I’m not new to lego, but as far as building monsters I’m a complete newbie. I keep thinking I just need to buy 4 more ships to make it bigger but I now see this isn’t the way.. Any info, help, advise would really help. Thanks

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