A Couple Of New Pictures From The Summer Star Wars Sets

Flickr has been definitely a great source of new pictures in the last days.  Two of the last that were seen are the new star wars Stealth Starfighter (75018) and the AT-TE (75019). The images unfortunately don’t have the desired quality but we can easily see that these are surely two of the biggest sets of the summer wave, especially the grey AT-TE.

The Stealth Starfighter is a great battle ship that appears in the Chronicles Yoda’ episodes. It looks rather big and I must say that that color combination of some red pieces among the black structure is really great. The mini-figures are four: R4-G0, Jek-14, a Separatist Hunter, and the Clone Trooper.

The AT-TE looks a reasonable evolution of the previous model (7675) and as the 2008 model prepare your wallet because according to the picture it won’t be cheap. It will have five mini-figures that will be a couple of battle droids, a clone trooper, Mace Windu and Coleman Harbor.

Better pictures will surely appear soon and then we certainly see some more details and all its great features.

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