2014 Star Wars Set Pictures

Pictures of several new 2014 Star Wars sets have been published on Eurobricks and despite its low quality, it is possible to see a few details of what it’s coming up next year for this great theme. There are a few great models, some upgrades to older versions and a considerable number of mini-figures in all of them.

For now, I especially looked at two or three models that, through what I can see in set box, look really amazing. And I’m talking specifically of the new Jedi Interceptor, the W Wing Starfighter and the blue Vulture Droid.

Have a look at all of them:

75034 – Death Star Troopers

75035 – Kashyyyk Troopers

75036 – Utapau Troopers

75037 – Battle on Saleucami

75038 – Jedi Interceptor

75039 – W-wing Starfighter

75040 – General Grievous Wheel Bike

75041 – Vulture Droid

75042 – Droid Gunship

75043 – AT-AP

75045 – Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon

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